Hereu Cabinet I

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Hereu I
ministry of
Basic Caïd Flag.png
Date formed 25 Febraury 2017
Date dissolved 2 March 2018
People and organizations
Head of government Sisebuto Mustela
Head of state Joan Hereu i Coma
No. of ministers 7
Member party CNC, UDC
Status in legislature Coalition
Opposition party Social Democratic Party of Caïd-Democratic Left of Caïd
Opposition leader Candreu Marfany i Valls
Election(s) Caidanian general election, 2017
Legislature term(s) Febraury 2017 - March 2018
Previous Saints I
Successor Hereu II


Post Name Party
President Joan Hereu i Coma   CNC/SPU
Prime Minister Sisebuto Mustela i Prenafreta CNC/ALC
State secretary Inocènci Gos i Mosso UDC
Ministry of Public Works and Transportation Ri-Park-Sun CNC/SPU
Ministry of Culture and Education Sòcrates Mussol UDC
Ministry of Finance and Commerce Nendo Nook i Tanukichi CNC/ALC
Ministry of Social Affairs Domènec Saints i Lluçà CNC/SPU
Ministry of Nature and Islands Josep Kappa CNC/SPU