Caïd Democratic Union

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Caïd Democratic Union
PresidentJoana Ribes
General SecretaryClergat Millet
Founded2016 (as Partit Monàrquich)
Membership (2018)10
Christian democracy
Political positionCentre-right, Right
International affiliationConservative Union, Christian Democrat Internacional
ColorsBlack and orange
SloganLa democràcia cristiana
Seats in the Parlament de Caïd
1 / 7
Seats in the District Administrative Junta
1 / 6

The Caïd Democratic Union (Catalan: Unió Democràtica de Caïd) is a political party created by a group of conservative citizens and politics Caïd in 2016, after the dictatorship. The movement has been considered to be conservative and monarchist.

Since 2016, the party has had several names: Monarchist Party (Catalan: Partit Monàrquich) and Conservative and Monarchist Party (Catalan: Partit Monàrquic i Conservador)


In 2015, the teacher of the school of Caïd declared herself as heir to the throne of Caïd and founded, for the 2016 elections, a monarchical party with different citizens and the covert support of the local leader of the Catholic Church.

The party was defined in its ideology as conservative, monarchical and Catholic Christian. Shortly after it changed its name to Monarchical and Conservative Party.

Subsequently, the party adopted in its ideology Christian Democracy and Catalanism without abandoning monarchism. in 2017 it changed its name to Caïd Democratic Union. The party promised that if they won the elections they would submit the monarchical question to a referendum, nevertheless, the party is less and less proselytizing of its monarchism, focusing on conservatism, Catalanism and Christian democracy, to a lesser extent.

In july 2018, Joana Ribes leader of the party since his foundation, resigns to its positions in the party, to its act of deputy and announces its official retirement of the policy, nevertheless, continues being militant of the party. During the months leading up to the 2019 general elections, Millet took control of the party by imposing a more moderate and centrist political line in order to attract the electorate of the centrist coalition and try to erase the image of a reactionary party among the citizens.

Electoral results

Election Number of seats in the Parlament de Caïd +/- Candidate
1 / 12
New Joana Mestre i Ribes de Cortellès
1 / 8
Steady Joana Mestre i Ribes de Cortellès
1 / 8
Steady Sòcrates Mussol
1 / 7
Steady Carles Millet


Election Number of seats in the District Councils +/-
1 / 6