Caidanian general election, 2017

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Caidanian general election, 2017
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Parlament de Caïd
20 Febraury 2017
Political Party New Center Coalition (CNC) Social Democratic Party of Caïd-Democratic Left of Caïd (PSDC-EC) Caïd Democratic Union (UDC)
Candidate Joan Hereu i Coma Candreu Marfany i Valls Joana Ribes de Cortellès
Popular Vote 20 16 12
Percentage 41'67% 33'33% 25%
Seats won 4/8 3/8 1/8
Seats change New 1 Steady

President Saints called for elections on Febraury 1, 2017. The elections were called in advance because of the difficult political situation that made the government impossible. They were the first elections after the electoral reform that established 4 electoral districts as circumscriptions and eight seats to be distributed.

President Saints announced that he would no longer run for re-election.


Parliament left after the elections of August 2016 prevented any possible majority. In December, President Saints announced his intention to call elections early next year, announcing that he would not run for re-election.

Days before, the SPU and the PTD had signed an agreement to concur together in the following elections in a coalition called People's Coalition. That agreement would later be joined by the Liberals, changing the name of the coalition to the New Center Coalition, which would be the name with which the three parties presented themselves together for the elections.


New Center Coalition (CNC)

  • Electoral slogan: L'equip guanyador (The winning team)

The centrists presented themselves for the first time to these elections as the union of different center-right forces like the liberals and the popular ones. The centrists presented as head of the list until then Prime Minister and successor of Saints in the SPU, Joan Hereu.

Social Democratic Party of Caïd-Democratic Left of Caïd (PSDC-EC)

  • Electoral slogan: Som poble, som força (We are the people, we are the force)

Caïd Democratic Union (UDC)

  • Electoral slogan: La força del seny (The force of common sense)


The centrists win the elections, but they stay 1 seat to obtain an absolute majority. The monarchist conservatives get a seat and complain that with an electoral law of a single constituency they would have achieved 2 and the leftists gets 3 seats.

Popular vote

Elected MPs

District MP Party
Nord-Horovitz Nendo Nook CNC
Trinitat Manitas CNC
Candreu Marfany i Valls PSDC-EC
Mig-Saubrème Joan Hereu i Coma CNC
Fauno Gos PSDC-EC
Joana Ribes de Cortellès UDC
Sud-Marítim Fauna Kisaragi PSDC-EC
Kappa Islands Josep Kappa CNC

Aftermath and government formation

After the elections, Joan Hereu was appointed President through a government pact with the conservative monarchists. Through this pact, the conservatives obtained several ministries in exchange for supporting the government in that legislature.