Caidanian general election, 2016

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Parliament composition (2016-2017).

The 2016 Caidanian general election was the first democratic election in Caïd. They were held at the end of August 2016 within the process of democratization begun in 2013 and which will end with the approval of a constitution.

President Saints called for constitutional elections in August 2016. These elections were aimed at creating a charter for Caïd. These elections have great historical value since they were the first democratic elections in the country since its founding.

The winning party was the United People's Syndicate.


In 2013, President Kotobuki resigned his post after more than 40 years. Its Prime Minister, Lluís Saints, assumed the position of President of the Republic in the summer of 2013. From the first moment, President Saints expressed his intention to democratize the country, allowing the existence of a multiparty regime. Despite this, Saints continued to rule as their predecessors until the year 2016. In those days, Saints improved the economy of the country, plunged into a deep crisis since the 70s and allowed the creation of political parties, which until then They had existed in hiding.

After various complaints and pressures from leftist political forces that threatened strikes and mass demonstrations, President Saints was forced to call a constituent election that August 2016. Saints announced that he would run for re-election as President of the Republic with the SPU.


Party Leader Votes % Seats +/–
United People's Syndicate Lluís Saints 14 29.17 4 New
Caïd Liberal Alliance Sisebuto Mustela 13 27.08 3 New
Tortimerist Party Josep Kappabashi 10 20.83 2 New
Social Democratic Party Candreu Marfany 7 14.58 2 New
Monarquist Party Joana Mestre 4 8.33 1 New

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