Joan Hereu i Coma

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The Honorable
Joan Hereu i Coma
5th President of the Republic of Caïd
In office:

20/2/2017 - In office

Preceded by: Lluís Saints i Raventós
Succeeded by:
11th Prime Minister of the Republic of Caïd
In office:

21/8/2016 - 20/2/2017

Preceded by: Canela Marfany
Succeeded by: Sisebuto Mustela
In office:

1/1/2016 - 21/8/2016

Preceded by: Lluís Saints i Raventós
Succeeded by:
Personal information
Born: 21 march 1978
Political Party: United People's Syndicate (SPU), Democratic Party of Caïd (PDC)
Nationality: Caidanian, French, Spanish

Joan Hereu i Coma (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, 21 March 1978) is the incumbent President of Caïd and former Prime Minister and minister of the Republic of Caïd.

Political career and life

He was born in 1978, in Barcelona, Spain, in the bosom of a wealthy family of the Catalan bourgeoisie with roots in Caïd. Hereu spoke Catalan, French, Spanish and English perfectly.

He was Prime Minister from 2016 to 2017, being the person of confidence of President Saints. In 2017 he won the elections, becoming President of the Republic. Shortly after his appointment as President of Caïd and due to the national political and economic crisis, his popularity plummeted, which made him decide to withdraw from the main policy, retaining his place in the party. After the general elections of 2018, he announced that he would not run for re-election.

At the political level, as Secretary General of his party, he was responsible for the reappointment of the United People's Syndicate (SPU) to the Democratic Party of Caïd (PDC). It also made possible the creation of the New Center Coalition.

Awards & Decorations