Greater Roscam Defence Brigade

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Greater Roscam Defence Brigade
Active2 April 2022 - present
AllegianceNational Army of Roscamistan
TypeProvincial defence brigade under federal supervision
RoleTo protect the Province of Greater Roscam and the Roscami Federation
EngagementsMicronational War on Communism
CommanderJoseph Montgomery
Lieutenant CommanderVacant

The Greater Roscam Defence Brigade (GRDB) is the provincial defence brigade in Greater Roscam since 2 April 2022 after the dissolution of the Roscamistan Volunteer Force. The Governor of Greater Roscam serves as the Commander of the Defence Brigade, with the Lieutenant Governor as his deputy.


The Greater Roscam Defence Brigade was formed in April 2022 as the Greater Roscam Army, a provincial militia responsible for defence. It replaced the Roscamistan Volunteer Force as the local militia.

In December 2022, the Greater Roscam Army became active in suppressing communism and satanists. Notably their activities included censoring Luci M. and his supporters. It also became involved in fighting communism after the 2023 Roscami coup d’etat.

In November 2023, the National Congress passed an act creating Provincial Defence Brigades (PDB) from the old militias. The Greater Roscam Army was reformatted as the Greater Roscam Defence Brigade [1].


The Greater Roscam Defence Brigade is formed of two units, Land Defence and Naval Defence. The Governor of the province commands the defence brigade.