Great Taydrostian Empire

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Great Taydrostian Empire
ᵹꝚЭᐊᛏ ᛏᐊ𐤧ᛞꝚCᛏИᐊ∑ Э𐤪ⳊИꝚЭ
Taydrostian Flag
Taydrostian Flag
Motto: "Die Standing than Live Kneeling"
Mainland Taydrostia
CapitalNew Troy
LargestProvince of New Drostia
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
(December 2023)
GovernmentProvincist authoritarian dictatorship
• Leader
Michael Scholz
• Co-Leader
Gregory Bard
LegislatureImperial Senate
• Independence
12 October 2023
• Independence from South Meadowen
6 December 2023
• Reformed Government
5 January 2024
• January 2024 estimate
Time zoneUTC-2 (XST)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Preceded by
Empire of Taydrostia

The Greater Taydrostian Empire or Taydrostia is a nationalist movement that took over the Republic of South Meadowen. Taydrostia started from its independence from the Imperial Federation of Schpecktenia, and lost the beginning of the Greater Metro East War. The nation converted into the Republic of South Meadowen, and founding members of Taydrostia started the New Independent Taydrostian Movement. The movement set out the plan to take over the South Meadowen Government and restore the original Taydrostia. The movement finally achieved this at the end of the War of the Second Front, and even continued to exist along side a Taydrostian based Free Republic of South Meadowen.


Province of Drost

The Province of Drost was founded on 15 June 2023 while Schpecktenia was involved in the Lackluster War. South Meadowen's current president, Aydin Fisk I, was a close friend of Ruby Specht I but wasn't too interested in micronationalism. The plan for Drost was for Opstandia to annex the province if they won the Lackluster War. This plan ultimately did not succeed due to Aydin Fisk I wanting to be involved in Schpecktenia more.

Aydin Fisk I would later support Drost in the Grand Assembly of Schpecktenia, backed by the Libertarian Party of Schpecktenia. Fisk would start to develop a distaste for Schpecktenian politics, and declare independence from Schpecktenia on 12 October 2023.

Empire of Taydrostia

Aydin Fisk I would form a government with NITM's current leader, Michael Scholz, and several other members and officially declare independence as the Empire of Taydrostia. Ruby I didn't check her e-mail often, so it was entirely unknown that Taydrostia was independent.

Taydrostians would go around recruiting more members and founding colonies and provinces. Some colonies and provinces overlapped with Schpecktenian and New Prussian territory. Finally, on 28 October 2023, Schpecktenia was made aware of Taydrostia. The nations decided to coexist peacefully, until Ruby I was made aware of the territorial problems. When confronted, Aydin I would not let go of the territory, so Schpecktenia and New Prussia had no choice but to declare war.

Greater Metro East War

The Greater Metro East War between Taydrostia against Schpecktenia and New Prussia was a physical war. Taydrostians attacked in short bursts and attempted to take Schpecktenian land. Taydrostia was successful in the beginning, but Schpecktenia would repel the attacks. Schpecktenia and New Prussia worked together and took down many Taydrostian colonies during Operation Loki. Schpecktenia and Taydrostia would formally fight in airsoft skirmishes during the Battle of Shadowfoxia over the Haven Colonies.

Schpecktenia found out on a technicality that Aydin I was still a Schpecktenian citizen and broke many laws such as treason, battery, and solicitation. The United Military of Schpecktenia would work with a Taydrostian government official that left to capture and arrest Aydin I. He was arrested on 6 November 2023.

Due to the restarting of Taydrostia as NITM, the Greater Metro East War still continues.

Reformation Era

During Aydin I's trial then punishment, Ruby I and Michael Scholz met to reform Taydrostia as a whole, writing a new constitution and changed land. When Aydin I got out of Schpecktenian jail, Schpecktenia and Taydrostia promised to work together in the future and have a strong alliance. On November 10, Taydrostia's new government established English, German, and Lakewoodish as its official languages. Taydrostia along with Schpecktenia and New Prussia joined the Metahr-Orientale Pact on 14 November, an alliance with all Greater Metro East Micronations. Taydrostia started to free itself from isolation and ally with other micronations, but was cut off by New Prussia.

Civil Unrest Era

On 5 December 2023, Taydrostia changed its name to South Meadowen, alluding to its now stronger ties with its predecessor state, Schpecktenia. Schpecktenia, more specifically the Province of Meadowen and the Duchy of Stallion, have strongly influenced the now South Meadowen's government, making the country seem more like a Schpecktenian puppet state. Upon the reformation, the citizens in South Meadowen started to protest against the government. The original founding members of the Empire of Taydrostia, excluding Aydin Fisk, started their own movement called the New Independent Taydrostia Movement. The group attacked South Meadowen by destroying the physically printed documents. Schpecktenia has backed the South Meadowen government by supplying it with weapons.


Since Taydrostia uses provincism as its key value, the three provinces in the nation represent the key cultural groups. Although the cultures have representation, Taydrostia focuses on the more favored nationalism.

Flag Name Area Population Foundation
Province of New Drostia 0.0195 Square Miles 5 5 December 2023
Taydrostian Province of Ersholstia 0.038 Square Miles 4 19 December 2023
Free Province
Free Taydrostian Republic of South Meadowen 0.046 Square Miles 7 30 December 2023

South Meadowen Autonomy

South Meadowen, being a part of Taydrostia, is semi-independent. South Meadowen cooperates with the Taydrostian government and activley participates in its policy and laws, but in sovereign in its own laws and foreign relations. South Meadowen is allowed to have positive relations with the Imperial Federation of Schpecktenia, giving it slight autonomy.

Foreign affairs

Formal Relations

Informal Relations

Unilateral recognition