General (Roscamistan)

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Ginearálta (Irish)
Service branchArmy
RankGeneral officer
NATO rank codeNATO rank codes OF-9.
Formation18 February 2021
Next higher rankMarshal
Next lower rankLieutenant General
Equivalent ranksAdmiral (navy)

General is the second highest officer rank in the Roscamistan Army, a part of the National Armed Forces of Roscamistan only below Marshal of the Republic. It was the highest rank in the National Army of Roscamistan from 18 February 2021 to 13 November 2021, upon the creation of the rank of Marshal of the Republic.

A general is normally a highly experienced and decorated officer and is one of the general officer ranks of the National Army. The rank was first created on 18 February 2021, along with most of the other ranks of the National Armed Forces of Roscamistan, though the title of General in had been existence since January 2021, when it was given to the Supreme Commander of the Roscam Liberation Front, Thomas Jacobs. There is currently one general; Kate Jacobs, brother of President Jacobs.

People promoted to the rank

No. Portrait Name Life Service Notes
Thomas Jacobs 2008 – present 18 February 2021 – 13 November 2021 Promoted himself to the rank when he became President of Roscamistan, and thus Commander-in-Chief. Held the rank through the First Jacobs Cabinet and the subsequent Irwin Cabinet, remaining the only active general, as James did not promote himself from Captain. Promoted to the rank of Marshal of the Republic with the recommendation of Adam Flannery on 13 November 2021.
Kate Jacobs N/A – present 20 July 2022 – present Promoted by her brother, Thomas Jacobs and made Commander of the Presidential Guard after the attempted coup by Marco Hasse.