Vladislav Chokin

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Vladislav Chokin
Владислав Чокин
Vladislav Čokin
Florin Vulpescu / Hãkiut
1st Rine of the
Moon-Blessed Empire of Estuaria
Assumed office:
Royal name Florin I
Predecessor office established
Personal information
Born 25 February 2001 (2001-02-25) (age 20)
Odessa, Ukraine
Citizenship Flag of Ukraine.png Ukraine
Flag of Estuaria.svg Estuaria
Flag ladonia.png Ladonia
Ethnicity Estuarian Verd'landian
Religion Jumism
Military service
Allegiance 250px-White flag icon svg.png abdicated

Vladislav Maximovich Chokin (Russian: Владислав Максимович Чокин; Czech: Vladislav Čokin), also known by name of his fursona Florin Vulpescu or its Verd'landian analogue Florin Hãkiut — is a Czechoslovak-oriented micronational enthusiast of Ukrainian origin. Vladislav used to be a leader of several unsuccessful micronational projects. At this moment he holds the leadership and slow foundation of Estuaria.


Vladislav was born on 25 February 2001 in Odessa, Ukraine. His childhood and youth went by without any special events. The schooling took place in 4 different schools, with the 4th one affording the distance education for last years before national Ukrainian graduation exam in 2019. In the same year he started to work at local food delivery service as a call center operator and held this occupation till the May 2020 when he had been fired due to the personal low efficiency and general corporate downsizing caused by COVID-19 quarantine crisis.

Micronational activity


Vladislav became a micronationalist at 1st October 2016 after foundation of his first micronation which he named after his own name, Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia. His main motivation was a wish to end his personal psychological conflict about a nation and country to belong to which was caused two years earlier since the "Euromaidan" protesters performed a coup d’etat in Ukraine and have changed its national ideology by which the Russian-speaking part of country (including Chokin) had been highly oppressed. Refusing to be either Ukrainian, Russian or Romanian by ancestory, Vladislav declared himself the only Verd'landian in real life, a part of the nation from his own fictional universe developing and growing since his childhood. Yet the wide plans for the new micronation weren't succeeded. Moreover, trying to promote new project in community of Russian micronationalists Vladislav have been highly criticized and desecrated for his opinion about Rusophonic community, liberal political beliefs and being a part of furry fandom. Finally, the low-efficient legal system of the first micronation had been extremely complicated which soon caused its stagnation and forced Vladislav to abandon project with creation of actual, real Verd'land as a micronation, which, though, met the same fate of abandonment. Mostly because Chokin had a lack of time due to working and romantic relationships all the period between 2019 and 2020.

United States of Akkerman

Unlike Verd'landian micronations which were supposed to have a high level of seriousness and simulate real country as much as it is possible, Vladislav's second micronation has been created for sole humorous purpose mixed with emphasizing of regional patriotism. He declared his grandparents house and yard in Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy town as a capital of independent nation called the United States of Akkerman covering the town itself and 7 adjoining villages nearby. At this moment Chokin hasn't goal to develop and gain population for this project.


«It is time for me to finally make up my mind with a fact that my "Land of Emerald Meadows" is dead in both definitions. I have had to live through many new events in these years, both good and bad. But they haven't left me any time for imagination and this way, I guess, Verd'land had just failed to overtake me back. So I lost it, it is dead, and I think that it deserves to be buried with honour and rest in peace forever.

Yet its impact had been enough to make me say that I still consider myself "Vẽrdɩlandɩar", though now I give up with showing this to the world. I am severely confused with myself, and in such a condition and circumstances getting over me I will never handle building of my own unique motherland and moreover getting someone into it. But what I can do, is to find another one, even though I will have to live and die as the only Verd'landian on this planet.»

— Vladislav Chokin

In 2020 despite still considering himself Verd'landian, Vladislav lost control over his ethnicity and its features, especially after the loss of Verd'landian dictionary caused by damaged CSV table file containing it. He continues to manually restore it, but at the same time has abandoned all projects of Verd'landian micronation, by own words, giving up with own fictional world.

Still having an interest towards micronations, he decided to create a micronational project that will not be directly connected with abandoned Verd'land but would still save a feature of ethnic group simulation. For that purpose Vladislav created Estuaria, for the first time filling it with culture imported from The Elder Scrolls universe which Vladislav is a big fan of. Estuaria is also his first completely monarchist micronation — Chokin holds position of so-called Rine.

Personal life

Vladislav's main hobbies are traveling and railway transportation. As a micronationalist, he desires to grow one project high enough to start a small railway company as well as try to restore a Soviet practice of so-called "children's railways" in the cities of Central Europe.

His most favourite country is Czech Republic, and the primary life goal is to move there. Vladislav is learning Czech language and quite quickly got the basic knowledge of it.

Chokin considers himself a furry and has a few fursonas with the main one being an anthropomorphic fennec fox named with Romanian name "Florin Vulpescu" which became Vladislav's primary nickname even replacing his Verd'landian ethnic name "Garsilig". He refuses to search partners or possible spouses outside of furry fandom saying that he "would rather die alone than marry a normie". The only experience of relationships took place between March 2019 and February 2020 and ended up with total collapse which forced Vladislav to revise his life and, after several attempts to find a new partner, stop further searches and give up with this idea for a long time.