Forestian Air Force

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Forestian Air Force
Força Aerea Forestiana (Portuguese)

空軍 Kūgun (Japanese)

Форестианские военно-воздушные силы (Ukrainian)

Flag of the Forestian Air Force
ActiveApril 9, 2022; 2 years ago (2022-04-09)
Country Forestia
TypeAir force
Part of Armed Forces of Forestia
Commander-in-chief President Lúcia Kitayama Bringel
Ceremonial chiefMinister of Defence Marek Squirtzle
Minister of Defence Gabriel
Aircraft flown
FighterF-15 Eagle (origami)
F-16 Fighting Falcon (origami)
Mirage 2000 (origami)
Su-57 (origami)
Rafale (origami)

The Forestian Air Force (FAF) (Portuguese: Força Aerea Forestiana; Japanese: 空軍, Hepburn: Kūgun; Ukrainian: Військово-повітряні сили Лісу) is the air branch of the Armed Forces of Forestia. The FAF was formed in 9 April 2022, with the appointment of Gabriel as Minister of Defence. Currently, the Air Force is commanded by the president Lúcia Kitayama and the joint defense ministers Marek Squirtzle and Gabriel.


The Forestian Air Force was formed in 9 April 2022, as part of the Armed Forces of Forestia. Initially, there was no Minister of Defence, so there was effectively no one in the air force. For a while, the role of Defence Minister was the responsibility of Gabriel. However, on the 25th of November, Marek Squirtzle was appointed as joint Minister of Defence.[1]


The Forestian Air Force is commanded by the Air Force Command, which is led by the Commander of the Air Force, who takes orders from the Minister of Defence. The FAF is composed of two wings:

Air Group Unit Aircraft Notes
1st Military Air Base - Vale Plano Air Base, Vale Plano
1st Air Force Wing 11th Fighter Squadron F-15 Eagle, Su-57 Origami
12th Fighter Squadron J-20, B2 Spirit
2nd Military Air Base - Zeus Air Base, Hoffmann
2nd Air Force Wing 21st Fighter Squadron Rafale B Origami
22nd Fighter Squadron N/A


Current inventory

Note: All aircraft belonging to the air force is origami.

Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Combat Aircraft
F-15 Eagle  United States air superiority 1 Origami
F-16 Fighting Falcon  United States air superiority 1
J-20 Mighty Dragon China stealth

air superiority

Mirage 2000  France multirole 1
Rafale  France multirole B 2
Su-57 "Felon"  Russia multirole 3

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