Federation of Virtual Micronational Football

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Federation of Virtual Micronational Football
File:FMVF Logo.png
Formation25 October 2013
TypeFootball Association
HeadquartersWoking City, New Dale
MembershipSports Organisation
PresidentDanny Clarke

The Federation of Virtual Micronational Football, commonly known by the acronym FMVF, is an international football body of virtual association football for MicroWiki sector micronations. Its headquarters are located in Woking City, New Dale, and its current president is Danny Clarke, who took the presidency upon its creation on October 25, 2013, virtual football was previously managed by the Micronational Football Association and Virtual Micronational Soccer Board. The FVMF is responsible for the organisation and governance of football's major virtual tournaments for micronations, such as the MicroWiki Cup, previously run by the MFA, and plans to hold the FVMF Interactive World Cup, similar to the FIFA Interactive World Cup using the video game FIFA as early as 2014. The organisation does not currently accept membership because its current competition, the MicroWiki Cup does not require membership for participation.


Virtual football has had a mixture of organisations which have tried to organise the sport, with varying degrees of success. The most common form is when a host nation of a competition would generate results on behalf of the teams involved, these can be done through rolling dice, randomly generating numbers to determine scores or simmulating the matches with video games such as Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA. One of the largest organisations of recent times was the Virtual Micronational Soccer Board, however, the most notable was the Micronational Football Association who oversaw the first MicroWiki Cup which involved 91 teams in the qualifying rounds of its inaugural competition in 2012. However, before the 2013 edition of the competition the MFA decided to abandon virtual football to improve its professional image, therefore it was agree to move all MFA virtual competitions to an afflicted organisation, the Federation of Virtual Micronational Football who's immediate responsibility was the organising of the 2013 MicroWiki Cup, hosted by the Delsh-Westlandian Federal Republic.


The FVMF has a President who oversees the running of the organisation. The founder Danny Clarke, was the original President. The President chooses his successor.

Picture Name Country Term Notes
Danny Clarke Mercury New Dale 25 October 2013 to present Founder

Title holders


Tournament 2012 2013
MicroWiki Cup Senyaflag.png DES Senya Noflag.png TBC


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