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Federativní Republika Mendersko CS
Mendersye federerey Republike ME
maenderyaeNi vvakanaiNi āmbīyoNun MKY
Federal Republic of Menders EN
Bundesrepublik Menders DE
République fédérée de Menders FR
Federatívnej republika Mendersko SK
Flag of Mendersia
Coat of arms of Mendersia
Coat of arms
Motto: Peace, Freedom, Unity
Anthem: Menders land of beauty, land of freedom
Map of Menders in the Czech Republic
Map of Menders in the Czech Republic
Map of Mendersia (orthographic projection)
Map of Mendersia (orthographic projection)
Largest cityNew-Bridge
Official languagesMendersian
GovernmentFederal republic
• President of Mendersia
Eric Smith
• Prime Ministr
Peter Jirka de Odenthalos
LegislatureUnited Parlament
Independence from the Czech Republic
• Declaration of Independence
24 November 2019
• Total
0.5482 km2 (0.2117 sq mi)
• Estimate
• Density
28/km2 (72.5/sq mi)
Time zoneCentral European Time (UTC+1)
Date formatdd. mm. yyyy;
Patron saintEric

Mendersia is a self-declared nation in the Czech Republic, from which it declared independence on 24 November 2019. According to the constitution, Mendersia is a semi-presidential democratic republic with the unilateral United Parliament with 7 seats, located in New-Zatec.

Mendersia is a landlocked country in northern Bohemia with area of approximately 0.5482 km2. Mendersia borders the Czech Republic . It is administratively divided into three republics and one free city. The capital of Mendersia is New-Zatec. Mendersia is an member of the UMSE.


Before independence

Mendersia was part of the Kingdom of Bohemia, Austria-Hungary, Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic until 24 November 2019, when it, with small help of few representatives of the Gymnasium State, declared independence from the Czech Republic.


The independence was declared on 24 November 2019, but originally was supposed to enter force on 15 June 2020 according to the President. Since it's establishment Mendersia acquired 14 citizens.


Political Parties

There are 5 political parties in Mendersia:

  • PSM - Pirate Party of Mendersia
  • TRD - Techocracy and Rational Democracy
  • SDS - Social Democratic Party
  • ZSM-MSK - Green Menders Party - Mendersian Conservative Party
  • MSM - Mendersian Monarchist Party
Party Logo Leader Spectrum Ideology Members
Pirátská Strana Menderska Pirate Party of Mendersia PSM or PPM 250x250pixels Peter Jirka de Odenthalos left wing pirate politic, social liberalism, left-wing libertarianism, pro-Europeanism, social democracy 7
Sociálně Demokratická Strana Social Democratic Party SDS or SDP 250x250pixels Waldemar Smith slight left

social democracy left-wing libertarianism pro-Europeanism

Technokracie a rozumová Demokracie Techocracy a ration democracy TRD 250x250pixels Jan Stastny

technocracy, rational democracy

Monarchistická Strana Menderska Monarchist Party Mendersia MSM or MPM 250x250pixels Nicholas I. monarchism, moderate nationalism, holy Euroatheism 2
Zelená Strana Menderska -

Menderská Strana Konzervativců

Green Side Mendersia -

Mendersia Conservative Party

ZSM - MSK or GSM - MCP 250x250pixels Petra Horses Smith Right green policy ,Social Liberalism, Pro-Europeanism, Green Conservatism 1

President and Prime Minister

The current President is Eric Smith and the current Prime Minister is Peter Jirka de Odenthalos.


There are 5 ministries in Mendersia.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently vacant and run by the President.

Ministry of Industry and Trade

The current Minister of Industry and Trade is Waldemar Smith.

Ministry of the Interior and Education

The current Minister of the Interior and Education is Kate Malova. Kate Malova is also the commander of the Army of Menders.

Ministry of Ecology

The current Minister of Ecology is Jan Šťastný.

Ministry of Agriculture

The current Minister of Agriculture is Adam Šupey.

Ministry of Population

The current minister of population is Nicholas I..


Mendersia's army is mobilized during the war and has 10 soldiers consisting of all Mendersian citizens. The military is mostly unarmed.

Administrative divisions

Mendersia is divided into 3 republics and 1 free city

  • Republic of New-Zatec
  • Republic of Chomotov
  • Republic of New-Bridge
  • Free City of Rakovnics


The original name Menders was Žatec Republic, but the idea was abandoned in September 2019. The name Mendersia originated from the word Men-Men and the addition of suffix -dersia.

Foreign relations

Mendersia maintains good relations with all members of the UMSE as well as other micronations.


Map of Mendersia


Mendersia is relatively low, but the highest point of Mendersia is Sand Mountain (318 m).


Mendersia climate is mainly dry, but it rains more in the Sand Mountain.


The culture in Mendersia is very similar to the Czech culture, and also close to the culture of Mekniy.


National dishes include chicken, schnitzel and sauces (tomato, sirloin and dill) and other popular dishes are pizza, hamburger, etc.

Public holidays

Most of the Mendersia holidays were mostly taken over from the Czech Republic, including the holidays celebrating Czech statehood.

List of public holidays

  • 1 January - New Year
  • 6 January - Three Kings
  • Movable - Good Friday
  • Movable - Easter Monday
  • 1 May - Labor Day
  • 17 November - Day of Fight for Freedom and Democracy/Student Day
  • 24 November - Independce Day
  • 5 December - St. Nicholas Day
  • 24 December - Christmas Eve
  • 25 December - Christmas Day


Nationality composition

Most of the inhabitants of Mendersia are mainly Czechs and Mendersians.

Languages ​​

The official language of Mendersia is Mendersian, other languages ​​spoken in Mendersia are for instance Czech or English.


Most of the people profess atheism or Christianity.

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