Federal Court of Babougrad

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Federal Court of Babougrad
Tribunal Fédéral de Babougrad
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Logo of the Federal Court
Established8 November 2016
CompositionGovernmental nomination
Authorized byOccitanian Constitution (Chapter 6, Article 5)
Term length6 months
IncumbentBabou Chkaya

The Federal Court of Babougrad is the supreme court, administrative, constitutional and last resort in the occitanian jurisdiction, civil law and criminal law cases. It also supervises the celebration of the elections.


The judge of the Federal Court is nominated by the head of the government, then becomes Konstitusievoog and is a member of the government.


Date Type Name Effect(s) Link
2016-12-08 Judgment Prohibition of the "Democratic Reform" party Banned the Democratic Reform political party, following remarks as sedition. [1]
2016-12-08 Judgment Federal Expulsion of the Republic of Marlo The Republic of Marlo is expelled from the Federation because of its simulationism. [2]
2017-02-18 Electoral Comission Refusal of registration on the electoral list of May 2017 Publication of invalid applications for the Occitanian general election, May 2017. [3]
2017-02-19 Judgment Prohibition of the "Radical Party" Banned the Radical Party political party, following links with a terrorist group called "Agrar". [4]
2017-03-07 Last Resort Appeal of Mr Farrar Judicial appeal of Edwin Farrar following the expulsion by presidential decree under the Status of Emergency. [5]
2017-10-29 Constitutional
+ Nomination
State of sedition in Sezentrania Part of the Sezentrania Crisis. Appoints Ivanna Minaïeva super-prefect of Sezentrania following the declaration of independence of the Free Democratic Republic of Sezentrania. [6]
2017-10-31 Electoral Comission Presidential Elections in Three Flowers Gives mandate for the organization of the Three Flowers presidential election, 2017. [7]
2017-11-12 Electoral Comission Electoral Comission in Three Flowers Results of the Three Flowers presidential election, 2017. [8]
2017-11-21 Electoral Comission General Election, electoral commission Results of the Occitanian general election, November 2017. [9]
2017-11-23 Judgment Monkey Bay vs. Popular Union of Occitania End of the territorial revendication and dissolution of the State of Monkey Bay. [10]
2017-11-23 Judgment Novolitova vs. Popular Union of Occitania End of the territorial revendication and dissolution of the State of Novolitova. [11]