Erenian Republic

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Erenian Republic (eng)
Erenische Republik (ger)
National Anthem: Marsch aus Petersburg
Motto: Labor in pacem et libertatem.
Latin: Labor in peace and freedom.
Capital Friedstatt
Official languages German, English
Demonym Erenian
Government Unitary Parliamentary Republic
— Governor Demeter Novak
Legislature Erenian National Assembly
Established 26 May 2019
Diesestablished 24 December 2019
Area 0.42 km2
Population 4 (2019)
Population density 4.76/km2
Currency Erenian Shilling
Time zone UTC+1
Drives on the Right
Date formats Gregorian calendar
Formats Metric system

The Erenian Repubic (German: Erenische Republik) was a European semi-simulationist state — considered a micronation — at the time claiming Capuchin's Island in Lake Wörth.


The Erenian Republic was proclaimed by Demeter Novak, leader of the Erenian Labor Party (Partei der Arbeit Ereniens), on 26 May 2019. It was founded on the principles of labor, peace and freedom, as is reflected in its motto. It established an interim government immediately following its proclamation as an independent state. The interim government was succeeded by the election of the Erenian National Assembly (Erenische Nationalversammlung) on 27 May 2019. The Erenian National Assembly, in turn, appointed Demeter Novak as Governor (Gouverneur), the head thereof. On Christmas Eve of 2019, the Erenian Republic was transformed into the Erenian Kingdom.


Main article: Politics of the Erenian Republic

The Erenian Republic hosted a unicameral parliament, the Erenian National Assembly. The National Assembly was headed by its President. The Governor, who was appointed thereby, represented head of state and government. They appointed the members of their cabinet, collectively called the Governorate's Council (Gouvernementsrat), and delegated their powers thereunto correspondingly, if necessary. Members of the cabinet were appointed with approval of the National Assembly.

The current Governorate's Council was in office from May 2019 to December 2019.


The primary economic activity in the Erenian Republic concerned such that is commonly categorized as part of of the tertiary sector and was organized according to the principles of an interventionist social market economy. The Erenian Trading Co. Ltd. (Erenische Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.) was the main source of economic activity, entirely owned by the state through the Holding Company of the Erenian Republic Ltd. (Holdinggesellschaft der Erenischen Republik m.b.H.) it was a subsidiary of. The Erenian Trading Co. Ltd. has continued to exist in the Erenian Kingdom.


Responsible for safeguarding the territorial integrity of Erenia were the Erenian Armed Forces. It consisted of the Erenian Army, the Erenian Navy and the Erenian Air Force.

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