Erenian Shilling

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Erenian Shilling
Basic information
Users Erenian Republic
Symbol eS (prefixed)
Code None
Sub-units Cents
Banknotes eS 1, eS 2
eS 5, eS 10, eS 20, eS 50, eS 100, eS 200, eS 500 (planned)
Exchange rate Pegged to the Euro
Issuing authority Central Bank of the Erenian Republic

The Erenian Shilling is the official currency of the Erenian Republic.


The Shilling was established primarily to initiate the development of a common currency zone for possible future enclaves of the Erenian Republic.


The Erenian Republic has issued temporary banknotes from May to October 2019. New banknotes have been issued thereafter.

Value Obverse Reverse Dimensions
eS 1 Erenian-1-Shilling-Obverse.png Erenian-1-Shilling-Reverse.png 110 mm x 66 mm
eS 2 Erenian-2-Shilling-Obverse.png Erenian-2-Shilling-Reverse.png 115 mm x 69 mm