Empire of Irudirea

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Imperio de Irudirea (es)
Empire of Irudirea (eng)
Coat of arms
Motto: "For a just cause"
(in spanish: "Por una causa justa")
Anthem: Not have yet

In red: the future capital city in the Bay of Biscay.
In green: The Principality of Sealand, territory claimed by Irudirea.
CapitalNot have yet
Official languagesBasque (official)
French and Spanish (co-official)
Demonym(s)State of Irudirea
Empire of Irudirea
GovernmentGovernmental Monarchy
• Monarch
HIH Emperor Angel I
• President
HIH Emperor Angel I
EstablishmentNovember 5, 2013: Foundation for HIH Ángel I
• Census
2 (population)
7 (citizens)
CurrencyNot have yet
Time zoneUTC +1

The Empire of Irudirea is a micro-nation that currently has no territory de iure. However, the territory of Sealand claims to be considered the act of selling the platform by the government as "a betrayal of the ideal micronationalist". And also plans to create a new city to use as capital, located in the Bay of Biscay.


This micronation is in the process of creation, with the November 5 the day he proclaimed the existence of this country to the world.

This project came about as a way to support and help micronationalism this ideal and contribute to dismantling the archaic ideas about world's diplomacy.

Laws and Rights


According to the website page of the government of Irudirea now is preparing a Constitution which should be ready before next year.


Actually exist the citizenship of Irudirea, although the government is using more deeply to offer the possibility of citizenship Irudirea all they want.

Armed Forces

The Nation of Irudirea is a nation that thinks in his defense and in future projects, for those who believe that need soldiers. The Emperor it would be the Commander in Chief of the forces.

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