Imperial Courts (Irudirea)

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Imperial Courts

Cortes Imperiales
"The Emperor, President and Cabinet fight for the law, whereby..."

"Vim Populi" (in latin: "People's power")
Coat of arms or logo
SeatsThe Monarch
4 Representatives of the parties.
Political groups

  "straights" (3)
  "righteous" (2)
Direct votes for parties
Last election

[[ Empire of Irudirea ]]

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Politics and government of

Imperial Government

The Imperial Courts of Irudirea is te institution that it exercises the legislature power of the Empire of Irudirea.

It is renewed every five years.

Currently waiting to sign the new Cosntitucion to exercise Irudirea first democratic elections.


Pre-constitucion era (Transitorial Legislature)

Since the foundation of the Empire of Irudirea, the Imperial Courts was charged with being the political strength of the nation.

I Legislature (constitutional)

In December, the 5th, the constitution of Irudirea, summoning a parliament of Irudirea democratic elections, so it currently consists of 5 members elected democratically was signed.

We can say that the members agree on the same number by political party, although it is true that in the elections, the party of government just got some more support than I expected, but this was not enough to provide a third deputy on the ruling party.