Straight Party Government of Irudirea

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Straight Party Government of Irudirea
LeaderAngel I
PresidentAngel I
Founded5 November 2013
Ideologydemocracy, nationalism
Seats in Parliament
3 / 5

The Party of the Straight Government is one of the two political parties that are referred in the Constitution of Irudirea. Unlike other more socialist party, this party believes in defending the economy as a way to defend citizens because if no money, it has not welfare state.

Current Situation

This Party is currently in government with 3 of the 5 seats in the Imperial Courts, so that rules the current constitutional government. Look to remain in government after the first elections in order to sort the country enestas rimeras dark stages of creation.

Future Plans

Defend the need for economic Irudirea movements and rapid creation of powerful armed forces, enabling Irudirea defend against possible aggressors and seeing if necessary, help their allies.


They do not want to look like the typical "neoliberal right", since neither defend this even with the bad press given by the opposition party.

First of all what is the defending Irudirea constitutionalism, nationalism and to his micronation "Economic Militarism," which they define as the need for a strong economy for the Armed Forces do not entail a sacrifice to the population.