Irudirean general election, 2013

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Irudirean general elections, 2013
Bandera de Irudirea.png
December 8, 2013 2018 →

All 5 seats to the Imperial Courts
3 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  Logo del Partido del Recto Gobierno.png Logo del Partido del Justo Gobierno.png
Leader Angel I Fco. Javier
Seats won 3 2
Popular vote 5 4
Percentage 55,55% 44,45&

President before election

Angel I
(in office)


Angel I

The general elections in Irudirea taken place the day 8 of December 2013. In those elections wanted to form a democratic government that would replace the transitional government formed after the signing of the constitution on December 5.

Finally the king was elected Angel I ahead of his brother the leader of the opposition party, although the difference was only 1 vote.