Coat of arms of Irudirea

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National Coat of Arms of Irudirea
CrestA Naval Crown
Supporters2 White Deer with wings
MottoFor a Just Cause
UseIn the national events, on the important reunions, and in all of the official sites.

The Coats of Arms of Irudirea is the national Coats of Arms of the Empire of Irudirea.


It consists of a central shield with two white deer with wings like supporters, and wearing a naval crown crest to differentiate it from the imperial crown Irudirea, and so be not only national and imperial symbol.

Historical Use

Although it is thought that this more than the national flag symbol is used, the truth is that since the formation of the micronation this shield has been used almost the same height as flag to represent the Empire of Irudirea.

For those actually decided to expand its use institutionally.