Politics of Irudirea

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[[ Empire of Irudirea ]]

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Imperial Government

The Imperial Government or State Government of Irudirea takes place in the framework of a representative democratic governmental monarchy, whereby the Emperor is the Head of State and the Imperial Chancellor is the head of state in a multi-party system, also can become the head of government. Executive power is vested in the government. Central legislative power is vested in the one chamber of parliament.

Political developments

Actually the Democracy haven't been fully introduced in Irudirea yet, whereby the power of the government is ruled by the Imperial Court, but not democratilly, because it haven't be elections for the moment.

Nowadays the Emperor Angel I, who is the leader of the straightgivernment party, and the leader of the righteous government party, the Grand Duke, Fco. Javier are jointly preparing a legal basis to discuss the Constitution before the Imperial Courts in a full session.


The Monarchy in Irudirea is is somewhat different than in normal parliamentary monarchy, since they have more legal power , apart from being able to exercise at the same time the post of head of state and head of government

Executative Branch

The excutative Branch it may be exercised by any politician who is lawfully present in the general elections, which are held every five years.

As explained before, the monarch can be both the president if presented in the lists of any party and is elected democratically.

Legislative Branch

Legislative power is exercised by the Imperial Courts, which are made with the results of the political parties in the general election.

In annual bulletins state must collect election year how many votes will each deputy.


Judicial power is exercised by the monarch as sole judge of the Supreme Court, although it is expected that the Constitution is gathered the possibility of this variety in some way, either by adding more judges or completely changing the system.