Constituent Assembly (Pinang)

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The Constituent Assembly is the body in charge of writing the seventh Pinangese constitution. The assembly was composed of 12 members, who were elected on 5 and 6 March 2023. It dissolved on 27 March 2023, after its approval of the new constitution.

Constituent Assembly

Assemblea Costituente
2nd Constituent Assembly
Coat of arms of Pinang (August 2021).png
FoundedMarch 6, 2023 (2023-03-06)
DisbandedMarch 27, 2023 (2023-03-27)
New session started
6 March 2022
Speaker of the Constituent Assembly
Ludwig Collins, PDS
since 7 March 2023
First Deputy Speaker
Esty Carpentieri, FDUAS
since 7 March 2023
Second Deputy Speaker
May Junkin, MPP
since 7 March 2023
Constituent Assembly Pinang March 2023.png
Political groups
  Moderate Party: 3 seats
   Communist Party: 2 seats
  Conservative Party: 2 seats
  FDUAS: 1 seat
Proportional Representation using D’Hondt method
Last election
March 2023
Meeting place


Party breakdown

Party Seats
Party for Democracy and Socialism
4 / 12
Moderate Party
3 / 12
Communist Party
2 / 12
Conservative Party
2 / 12
1 / 12


Name Party
Ezio Auditore Party for Democracy and Socialism
Ludwig Collins Party for Democracy and Socialism
Nicolas Caiazzo Party for Democracy and Socialism
Achille Fontanelli Party for Democracy and Socialism
Tobey Wyles Moderate Party
May Junkin Moderate Party
Giuseppe Mazzini Moderate Party
Ayane Martinez Pinang Communist Party
Daniel Quintero Pinang Communist Party
Rafe Burfield Conservative Party
Andrew Perdomo Conservative Party
Esty Carpentieri FDUAS


The assembly is divided in Committees. Every committee has to work on a specific part of the constitution. The committees are four:

  • Committee on General Affairs
  • Commitee on Human Rights
  • Commitee on Federalism
  • Institutional Committee