Commonwealth of Pinang

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Commonwealth of Pinang (EN)

Commonwealth di Pinang (IT)

Содру́жество Пинанг (RU)
Coat of arms of Commonwealth of Pinang
Coat of arms
Motto: Libertà, Giustizia e Progresso
(Freedom, Justice, and Progress)
LocationSouthern Europe
Largest cityEstosadok-Costituzione
Official languagesItalian
GovernmentUnitary Constitutional Executive Monarchy
• Kaiba
Current Mayor of New Bazhong
• Rayiys
Mayor of Bombardi
LegislatureNational Assembly of Pinang
Establishment17 June 2020
Preceded by
Second Republic of Pinang

The Commonwealth of Pinang (Italian: Commonwealth di Pinang), was a micronation located in Southern Europe. The Commonwealth was a constitutional monarchy.[1]




The Commonwealth had 10 scattered enclaves surrounded by Italian territory. The largest municipality was the municipality of Estosadok-Costituzione.


The Commonwealth was a Constitutional monarchy. The kaiba was the monarch and the head of state he could revoke secretaries and he could veto the laws of the National Assembly. The rayiys was the head of government, he coordinated foreign affairs, he was elected every four months, he chaired the Executive Council, he appointed the secretaries and the vice-rayiys. The National Assembly was composed of three members. The assembly holds legislative power and members were appointed by the kaiba every four months.

Administrative Subdivisions

The Commonwealth was subdivided into 2 oblasti.

Name Capital Governor Inhabitants Municipalities
Oblast of Estosadok-Costituzione Estosadok-Costituzione Esty 6 inhabitants Estosadok-Costituzione, Bazhong, and Bombardi
Oblast of Piniang Piniang Former Archduke 3 Inhabitants Piniang, New Bazhong and New Estosadok

The municipalities of Pinang were: Estosadok-Costituzione, New Bazhong, New Estosadok, Bazhong, Piniang and Bombardi.