Oblast of Piniang

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Oblast of Piniang

State Pinang
Capital Piniang
Estabilished 21 October 2019 (as province), 2 May 2020 (as Oblast)
Governor Former Archduke (PRD)
Population 3
Languages Italian
Religions Catholicism and Atheism
Time Zone UTC+1(UTC+2 in summer)

The Oblast of Piniang (Italian: Oblast di Piniang), formerly called Province of Piniang (Italian: Provincia di Piniang) was an oblast of Pinang. It included the eastern area of Pinang. The capital of the Oblast was Piniang.


List of Governors

Name Party Term start Term end Duration
1st Current Mayor of New Bazhong Popular Party 21 October 2019 2 May 2020 194 days
2nd Former Archduke Democratic Revolution Party 2 May 2020 20 April 2021 353 days


All inhabitants of Province of Piniang have italian nationality and 66,7% of them are catholics and 33,3% is Atheist.