Caudonian Labour Party

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Caudonian Labour Party
German: Kaudonische Arbeiterpartei
Scots: Caudonie Laubour Pairtie
Spanish: Partido Laborista Caudoniano
Welsh: Plaid Llafur Côdoneg
Galician: Partido Caudonés do Traballo
AbbreviationLP, LAB
PresidentIacof ap Antoni
Vice-presidentPaul Popotov
Founded6 September 2020
Dissolved15 January 2021
Split fromSocial Democratic Party (Caudonia)
Succeeded byCaudonian People's Party
Membership (2020)6 (November 2020)
Anti-Stalinist Left
Constitutional monarchism
Market socialism
Political positionLeft-wing to Far-left
Colors  Red and   Black
SloganFor The Many, Not The Few
Election symbol
Caudonian Labour Party Star.png
Party flag
Caudonian Socialist Flag.png

The Caudonian Labour Party (German: Kaudonische Arbeiterpartei; Scots: Caudonie Laubour Pairty) was a communist political party in the Caudonia.

The Caudonian Labour Party campaigned on a platform of constitutional reform. They advocated for Caudonia to transition from a semi-constitutional monarchy to a fully constitutional monarchy.


The Caudonian Labour Party had its roots with the Socialist Faction of the Scots Party. Iacof ap Antoni quickly established himslef as a co-leader of the Scots Party and helped increase their seat count in the Legislative Assembly from one to two. Iacof quickly became a polarising figure in Caudonian politics as he personally held Communist and Republican beliefs. In the run up to and the immediate aftermath of March 2020 Caudonian election the Caudonian Front as well as other opposition groups attacked the Scots Party as Communist. This period is known in hindsight by Labour members as the Caudonian Red Scare.

On the 13th March 2020 Iacof ap Antoni and Malcom Conner established the Commonwealth of Daragonia out of frustration with events in Caudonia. They initially kept it on a low profile out of fear of being accused of treason and being forced out of Caudonia. Eventually, Caudonians discovered Daragonia but initially did not react. On the 9th of May 2020 a controversial crisis was sparked when William I of Caudonia discovered a line on the Foreign policy section of Daragonia's page which read "Daragonia is essentially a secessionist state from Caudonia". Secession is illegal under the Caudonian constitution. This lead to the government detaining Iacof ap Antoni and Malcom Conner for treason, beginning the Daragonian-Caudonian crisis. The crisis resulted in the signing of the Salisbury Agreement, which had the following terms:

1. Caudonia shall formally recognise the sovereignty and independence of Daragonia, and recognise its citizens as foreign nationals;
2. The governments of both nations shall take steps to ensure that the hostilities between us are calmed;
3. Daragonia shall remove all terms relating to secession from its MicroWiki articles, Discord servers, other official online portals, and legislation;
4. Dual citizens shall be discouraged from holding public office in both nations at once, but if they wish to they must not take part in influencing a government on behalf of the other, subverting a government, conducting espionage against the other state, or other similar practices;
5. Malcom Conner shall resign from his position as Deputy Prime Minister of Caudonia, and Yákov Szyłowski [(Iacof ap Antoni's former pseudonym within Caudonia)] shall resign from his position as a Member of Parliament in Caudonia;
6. It shall be noted that once this agreement is ratified, recognition may be removed with the approval of the legislatures and governments of either nation just like any other international agreement or treaty;
7. This agreement may be modified with the approval of both governments.

The treaty lead to the merger of the Scots Party and the Social Democratic Party.

On the 4th of August 2020 Iacof ap Antoni resigned as Primier of Daragonia, making him eligible to enter Caudonian politics once again.


On the 6th of September William I of Caudonia invited Iacof ap Antoni to participate in political activities again. Iacof accepted, deciding to form a new party. iacof invited his long time friend Paul Popotov to come to Caudonia and form a left-wing political party with him. The Caudonian Labour Party was formed that same day.

On the 12th of September the Caudonian Labour Party changed their logo.


The political compass of Iacof ap Antoni, the parties leader.

The Caudonian Labour Party describes itself as a Communist political party of the Anti-Stalinist Left.


The Caudonian Labour Party advocates for to Caudonia become a Constitutional monarchy.


The Caudonian Labour Party opposes the creation of a Caudonian economy, especially one which involves wage Labour in any form. The CLP regards Caudonia an expression of artistic freedom rather than an economic or political venture.


The Caudonian Labour Party advocates for non-partisan elections for Chief Constable to be held.

Electoral results

Election year # of votes % seats won +/- Government
September 2020 4
4 / 19
4 In coalition
January 2021 5
2 / 15
2 In coalition

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