Breckland-Lundenwic Cold War

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Breckland-Lundenwic Cold War
Date21 April 2017 - 24 April 2017
Location Fourms, Cyberspace
Status Stalemate - Signing of the an armistice treaty by both parties
NewflagBreck.png Breckland Lundenwicflag1.png Lundenwic
Commanders and leaders
NewflagBreck.png Marshall of the Republic and General Secretary John Gordon
Lundenwicflag1.png General Mike Lewis
20 Unknown

Start of the Cold War

International Reactions

In Support of Breckland

In Support of Lundenwic

2Flag of Custosia.png Custosia: Edward of Custosia officially supports Lundenwic by putting an end to communist dictatorships such as Breckland. Edward even stated that the Breckland government was more hostile towards Lundenwic after their relations fell.

Grand Principality of the Danube The Danube will always oppose communist dictatorships. We stand by Lundenwic in this affair.

Converted file 85da357d.png Alexostan declared an ideological war against Breckland and supports Lundenwic

Flag of the Holy Confederation of the Violet Star.png Holy Confederation of the Violet Star: Prince Romanicus officially supports the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic and declares a crusade against the communist enemy. The entire Holy Confederation now follows a policy of containment against all communist threats and is working to further cause Chaos.

CinnamonCreekProtectorate.png :Protectorate of Cinnamon Creek The Governor-General of the Protectorate announced his private and public support for the Imperial Duchy of Lundenwic out of honour and loyalty to the Imperial Duchy as a protectorate and territory along with declared support for diplomacy and peaceful resolution in the final outcome. Cinnamon Creek has offered the "Home Guard" units of the Cinnamon Creek Defense Force in the case of any conflict. Interestingly, Cinnamon Creek is unofficially a socialist state along with parliamentary/republican democracy as according to the Treaty of Mir between Cinnamon Creek and Lundenwic.

Florian Republicflag.svg The Florian Republic supports Ludenwic after it is strong allies with the micronation. Also, Stewart Florian believes that dictatorships must stop.

Neutral Parties

Azerty.png Occitania - They call on the parties to calm and constructive dialogue

Current flag.png Kingdom of Jupiter and Greater Territories

Flag of Zenrax.png Zenrax

Urokflag.png United Republic of Kwajalein - The Federal Assembly voted to remain neutral on the issue.