Federal Assembly Vote on the Breckland-Lundenwic Cold War

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On Wednesday, April 26, 2017, the Federal Assembly of the United Republic of Kwajalein voted to declare neutrality in the Breckland-Lundenwic Cold War.


The vote turnout in the Federal Assembly was 7/7, and the results are as follows:

 Support Lundenwic - 1 vote
 Support Breckland - 1 vote
 Declare neutrality - 4 votes
 Try to negotiate a peace deal - 1 vote

Representative of Nova Habiatoni REDACTED voted in favor of Lundenwic. Representative of LPH District and Chairperson of the Liberal Party REDACTED voted in favor of Breckland, citing that initially, they did nothing wrong. REDACTED, former President and Representative of Ocean Road District voted to try and negotiate a peace deal. All other Representatives voted in favor of declaring neutrality.