Liberal Party (URoK)

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Liberal Party
Chairperson Meredith Kirk
Founded 21 January 2017
Headquarters LPH District
Ideology Social equality, Economic equality, Modern liberalism, Progressivism, Social democracy
Political position Left-wing
Official colors Light blue
Federal Assembly
3 / 7
0 / 7
0 / 1

The Liberal Party is a centrist and left-wing political party in the URoK that was formed on 21st January 2017. It was formed at the same time of all the other (original) parties (Conservative, Communist, Fascist, Juche). It has the most members in the Federal Assembly (almost half), thus making it the most powerful party. The first President of the URoK, Morgan Dethlefsen, is a member of the party, and the second President, DJ Chong-Gum, was in the party, but left for an unknown reason. Meredith Kirk, the first Chairperson of the party, was the 3rd President. She appointed Dethlefsen as the Chairperson before taking office. After resigning from office, Kirk resumed her duties as the Chairperson of the Liberal Party.