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Locale:BepistanFlagPNG.png Bepistan
Fleet size:2
Stations operated:2
Route km operated:0.00884 km
Headquarters:Flag of New York City.png Brooklyn, NY
Line length:884 cm
Track length:884 cm
No. of tracks:1-2
Gauge:40 mm
Operating speed:40.23 kph

BepisRail-CloverTrans is Bepistan and Cloverzem's national rail company, created on January 28, 2019. It’s headquarters are located in the Royal Residence of Bepistan.



Bepisrail was established on 28 January 2019, but lay dormant until KomradeDoge and his best friend Jay Clover set out to explore (and trespass) the abandoned Bay Ridge Branch of the LIRR. However, the railroad is not fully abandoned; the trains run randomly, and only to deliver freight to the warehouses, plants, and nearby factories that still rely on the railroad for supplies.


On 23 January BepisRail had gained permission to expand operations to Cloverzem, and a deal was made that BepisRail combine with CroverTrans.

Fleet and assets


BepisRail-CloverTrans currently has a fleet of two LEGO engines, train 60052, a blue diesel, and train 7939, a yellow European-style diesel-electric engine with a pantograph.

Rolling Stock

BepisRail also owns several types of freight cars, including:

  • 1 Short Pallet-System flatbed with space for two pallets designed to hold spools of electric cable.
  • 1 Long Pallet-System flatbed that can hold 3 pallets of cargo. This car is currently loaded with 1 oil cistern pallet, 1 wheelbarrow pallet, and a Forklift.
  • 1 Animal pen car, equipped with water and food holders, and hay. This car currently holds a brown cow.
  • 1 Short flatbed designed to hold small automobiles.
  • 1 Octan oil cistern.
  • 1 Long Custom container flatbed that can either hold two small containers or 1 long container.

Loading stations

  • Green overhead crane
  • loading platform with moving crane, Pallet shelves, and small office.

BepisRail Heavy Industries

Current Projects