Award for Austrovian Progression

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Austrovian Award for Progression
Awarded by the Emperor of Austrovia
Type Award
Awarded for Helping the Austrovian Empire progress into the future.
Status Currently awarded
Established April 30, 2018
First awarded May 4, 2018
Last awarded May 4, 2018
Total awarded 2
Next (higher) N/A
Next (lower) N/A

The Austrovian Award for Progression is a award given to friends of the Austrovian Empire that have helped the Empire move forward. Anyone is eligible to gain this award, but only if they helped the Empire progress in the micronational world.


  • Ashley Jaax, President of the Iustus State.
    • Reason: For having the Iustus State recognize the Empire and become one of the first none-Etiwanda micronation to do so.
  • Reginald Smith, Second Reich Chancellor of Austrovia.
    • Reason: For leading the Empire as it entered its first intermicronational organization.
  • Nicholas Randouler, Former Monarch of Posaf.
    • Reason: For creating good relations between Posaf and Austrovia.