Autonomous Autocracy of Nampendia

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Autonomous Autocracy of Nampendia
Nampendian flag.png

"U þe ða fëuřs."
(Do what you must.)
TBA (no, seriously, thats what it's called)
Wisconsin, United States
Capital city Kelrstad
Official language(s) Nampendian, Slavstrian, English
Short name Nampendia
Demonym Nampendian
Government Totalitarian Autocracy under a Unitary Parliamentary republic under a Constitutional Monarchy
- Fuhrer Brady Stratton
Established 2 May 2014
Population 2 (1 human, 1 cat), 6 residents
Currency Nampendian Peuro
National sport Dancing
National animal Domestic cat

Nampendia [IPA: neɪmpɛndiə], officially the Autonomous Autocracy of Nampendia, is a semi-independent political entity situated in and belonging to the Karzerdom of Bradystan. It is led by Brady Stratton and by default holds one seat in the Slavstrian National Assembly. Nampendia officially gained its semi-independence on the 2nd of May 2014.