Armed Forces of Slavstria

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Armed Forces of Slavstria
Узброенaя Cїлы Cлaвcтpiї

Flag of Slavstria.png
General Information
March В Путь!

(Let's Go!)

Established March 10, 2014
Country Slavstria
Service Branches
  • Slavstrian Ground Forces
  • Slavstrian Navy
  • Slavstrian Air Force
  • Slavstrian Aerospace Defense Force
  • Slavstrian Military Police
Supreme Commander Tsar Matthew Manning
Director of Defense TBD
Military Age 14
Conscription Yes
Active Personnel 0
Reserve Personnel 10
Domestic Supplier(s) Slavstrian Military Research Agency

The Armed Forces of Slavstria (Slavstrian: Узброенaя Cїлы Cлaвcтpiї Uzbroyenaya Sily Slavstriyi) is the primary military organization within the Tsardom of Slavstria. It is separated into five branches:

  • The Slavstrian Ground Forces
  • The Slavstrian Navy
  • The Slavstrian Air Force
  • The Slavstrian Aerospace Defense Force
  • The Slavstrian Military Police


The Tsar acts as Supreme Commander of the Slavstrian Armed Forces and ultimately signs off on important military operations and deployment. The Directorate of Defense has secondary control of the Ground Forces, the Air Force, the Navy, and the Aerospace Defense Force with shared control over the Military Police with the Directorates of Admission and Interior Affairs.


An official military budget is to be worked out in the near future.

Weapons Research

No weapons research programs are currently active.

Military Doctrine

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