Brady Stratton

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Brady Stratton
Bradë Strätn
Kaizer of Bradystan
Reign 31 May 2014 - Present
Predecessor Matthew Manning
Fuhrer of Nampendia
Reign 2 May 2014 - Present
Predecessor Office Established
Born 29 October 1996 (1996-10-29) (age 24)
Naperville, Illinois
Occupation Student
Religion Catholic

Brady Stratton or Kaizer Brady Stratton I is the Kaizer of Bradystan, formerly the Tsardom of Slavstria, and Fuhrer of Nampendia.

Political Views

Kaizer Stratton considers himself a moderate, but does have solid political beliefs. The Kaizer believes in a strong central government with few people involved, in order to ensure action happens when it needs to. Furthermore, the Kaizer believes that local governments should have limited power in order to prevent inconsistent lawmaking.

Brady Stratton's position on the Political Compass

Religious Views

Kaizer Stratton was raised in a very Catholic family and is a devout Catholic. In addition, the Kaizer sees value in all belief systems and feels that every person should choose what he or she believes is right.