2nd Republic of Pyeonghwaloun

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Republic of Pyeonghwaloun
평화로운 공화국


2014 — 201530px

Flag of Pyeonghwaloun.png
Seal of Pyeonghwaloun.png

Gippeohala !
English : Rejoice!
Pyeonghwaloun claims.jpg
Satelite of Mainland Pyeonghwaloun (Region A)
Capital cityRegion A
Region B (seat of government)
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short namePyeonghwaloun
GovernmentPresidential republic
- PresidentWilliam Timothy
- Prime MinisterYin Tuo-luo (last)
Established20 December 2014
Disestablished7 April 2015
CurrencyWon (PYW, 원)
Time zoneUTC +9 (+7 at Region B)

2nd Republic of Pyeonghwaloun (Commonly known as Republic of Pyeonghwaloun and 평화로운 공화)is an uninhabited island micronation. It was founded on 2014 by William Timothy. Pyeonghwaloun later disbanded.


The word Pyeonghwaloun were coined by William Timothy. Pyeonghwaloun taken from Korean word "평화로운" (which transliterated Pyeonghwaloun), which means peaceful.


1st Republic

The Republic of Pyeonghwaloun was founded as the puppet state of St.John on 23 October 2014. However, the nation fell inactive until its disestablishment in 6 November 2014. Pyeonghwaloun later joined with Shima.

2nd Republic

After the dissolution of Shima on 20 December 2014. Pyeonghwaloun reformed. There's nothing much until 7 April 2015, where Pyeonghwaloun disbanded. On 22 July 2015, Yoko claims the used-to-be Region A as their colony.

Government and politics

The politics of Pyeonghwaloun takes place in an presidential republic where the President has full power over the nation. The President rules for 5 years and can be re-elected once. Pyeonghwaloun legislative organ is the Mahanaim, a unicameral parliament. The Mahanaim currently not dominated by any party. The Prime Minister (also known as Daetonglyeonggomun) is the head of government and is elected by the President. The Prime Minister is the head of the Cabinet.

Foreign relations

Pyeonghwaloun has mutual recognition and diplomatic relationships with Hashima, and Dikameppra until it was disestablished.