International Micronational Society

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International Micronational Society
국제 미세 상태 학회
Internacia Mikronacio Societo
Flag of IMS.png
Flag of IMS

Headquarters Vredesstad, St.John

Official languages English

Membership 2 (at the time of dissolution)

Leader William T. (as Head)

Foundation 19 December 2014
Dissolution 10 January 2015

The International Micronational Society (abbreviated as IMS) was a short-lived intermicronational organisation that was founded on 19 December 2014. The organisation was founded by the Republic of St. John and the Republic of Shima, which is a puppet state of St. John. One day after the foundation of IMS, Shima was dissolved, but the newly-re-established Republic of Pyeonghwaloun joined the organisation. Shortly after Pyeonghwaloun joined the International Micronational Society, the organisation suffered an inactivity that ultimately caused the dissolution of the International Micronational Society, which was declared on 10 January 2017.

Member states

Member states that remained until the dissolution

Flag Name Date joined Note
Flag of St. John (2014-2015; 2017-2020).png Republic of St. John 19 December 2014 Founding member state
Flag of Pyeonghwaloun.png Republic of Pyeonghwaloun 20 December 2014 First and only non-founding member state

Member states that left before dissolution

Flag Name Date joined Date left Reason left Note
Flag of Hiroshi.png Republic of Shima 19 December 2014 20 December 2014 Shima dissolved Founding member state