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Vredesstad Capital Region
Daerah Ibukota Vredesstad
—  Capital  —

Motto: None
Sacrificium - Libertas - Victoria (formerly; 2017-2019)
(Latin: Sacrifice - Freedom - Victory)
Country Flag of St. John.png Republic of St. John
Province Flag of Vredesstad Metropolitan Area.png Vredesstad Metropolitan Area
Established 20 December 2013
Founder William Timothy
 - Mayor None
Indra H. (acting)
 - Total 0.2431 km2 (0.1 sq mi)
 - Land 0.2391 km2 (0.1 sq mi)
 - Water 0.004 km2 (0 sq mi)  1.64%
  2020 estimate
Elevation(Highest elevation) 24 m (79 ft)
Population (June 2020)
 - Total 1
 - Density 4.1/km2 (10.7/sq mi)
Time zone St. John Time (UTC+8:00)
 - Summer (DST) Not observed (UTC+8:00)

Vredesstad, officially the Vredesstad Capital Region (Indonesian: Daerah Ibukota Vredesstad), is the capital of St. John and the capital of the Vredesstad Metropolitan Area. Located in Java, Vredesstad, along with several cities in the Vredesstad Metropolitan Area is the center of politics of St. John, with a population of 1 as of 2020.


The name Vredesstad derives from two words from Dutch; "vrede" (peace) and the suffix "-stad" (city). thus "Vredesstad" translates as "city of peace" or "peaceful city".


Pre-St. John era

First Republic era (2013-2015)

Vredesstad was established on December 20, 2013 along with the Republic of St. John. The city was chosen as the capital and residence of the President of St. John. In February 2014, the capital of St. John moved from Vredesstad to Williamgrad due to small size of the city, though the President still lives there nevertheless. In May 2014, Vredesstad and several smaller cities were merged into one province. This led to the capital of St. John moved back to Vredesstad.By mid 2014, Vredesstad was elevated to an administrative republic called the Republic of Vredesstad. On July 14, 2015, Vredesstad with the other cities of St. John was dissolved.

Second Republic era (2017-present)

On 20 December 2017, Vredesstad was re-established and made the capital of St. John. Vredesstad is now part of the Vredesstad Metropolitan Area where Vredesstad is the capital.

Administrative divisions

Vredesstad consists of two districts. The administrative districts of Vredesstad are:

  • Rose Garden (left untranslated in Indonesian) is the northenmost territory of Vredesstad.
  • North Vredesstad (Vredesstad Utara) is considered as the political centre of St. John. Notable places includes Gedung Kuning (Yellow Building), the official residence of the President of St. John, and a mosque.
  • South Vredesstad (Vredesstad Selatan) is the southernmost district of Vredesstad. It is considered as the culinary center (along with Grand Haven) of St. John. One of the notable places in South Vredesstad is Lake Vredesstad, a reservoir that is made to prevent flooding.

Previously, there was a district established in 2017 by St. John named New Vredesstad. The district was the southernmost district in Vredesstad, but the district was made into a city called Grand Haven in 2020.