2021 Richensland presidential referendum

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2021 Richenslandic presidential referendum/ election

February 20, 2021 (2021-02-20) - February 25, 2021 (2021-02-25) 2027 (speculated) →
Nominee Nyck Bradaten
Party Revolutionary Liberty Club
Running mate Rifqi Hanif
Percentage 100%

President before election

Nyck Bradaten
Revolutionary Liberty Club (RLC)

President after election

Nyck Bradaten
Revolutionary Liberty Club (RLC)

Presidential and vice presidential referendums/ elections were held in Richensland from 20 to 25 Feburary 2021. By external observers, it can be classified as a sham election.

During the voting process, one may cast as many ballots as they wish.


A few days earlier, President Nyck caused controversy by starting the Richenslandic Diplomatic Crisis after a feud broke out in the discored server of the Grand Unified Micronational. To show that he was still popular, Nyck held a referendum for people to show their support for him, which was 100% and that all controversy should stop. In the end, the controversy continued and only started fading out later in the year.


As Richensland was a one-party state at that moment, the leader of the ruling party, the Revolutionary Liberty Club, ran with his cousin, Rifqi Hanif as his running mate and thus, were the only candidates contesting in the election.

2021 RLC ticket

Nyck Bradaten Rifqi Hanif
for President for Vice President
President of Richensland
Vice President of Richensland


Nyck and Rifqi won the election with a super-majority vote.

Candidate Party Percentage Status
Presidential elections
Nyck Bradaten Revolutionary Liberty Club (RLC) 100% Won
Vice Presidential elections
Rifqi Hanif Revolutionary Liberty Club (RLC) 100% Won