Zealandian Torch

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The Zealandian Torch
The Zealandian Torch masthead
Format Print and online
Type Newspaper
Owner People's Central Publishing Works
Established 25 March 2016
Political allegiance Zealandian League of Communists
Language English
Editor Charlotte Lindstrom
Distributed in Zealandia
Political Alignment Far Left, Marxist-Leninist
Associated news agency Zealandian News Agency

The Zealandian Torch is a Zealandian news service published since 25 March 2016 by The People's Central Publishing Works and published usually bimonthly. It is one main source of news within Zealandia.
The Zealandian Torch established with the Zealandian Government, and the Zealandian State Commission for Television and Radio Broadcasting a news wire service called Zealandian News Agency.

Political Alignment

The Zealandian Torch is closely aligned to the party line of the Zealandian League of Communists, with the Chairwoman of the League of Communists, Charlotte Lindstrom serving as the editor of the Zealandian Torch.

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