Zealandian State Commission for Television and Radio Broadcasting

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Zealandian State Commission for Television and Radio Broadcasting
Type Broadcaster
Country Commonwealth of Zealandia
Kingdom of Zealandia (until August 2012)
Availability Nationwide
Owner Zealandian Government
Key people Charlotte Lindstrom, Director General
Established May 17, 2010 (as KOZBC)
Motto Our Stories, Our Commonwealth!
Former names Radio Television Zealandia
Kingdom of Zealandia Broadcasting Service
Television Zealandian Central Television
Radio Zealandian State Radio

Zealandian State Commission for Television and Radio Broadcasting (Swedish: Radio Television Zeelandien) is the public service broadcaster within Zealandia, also known by the acronym SCTvR. It was established as Radio Television Zealandia by the Broadcasting Corporation Act of 2010.


The SCTvR first transmitted news content on June 18, 2010 at 10:40 PM (UTC +12), announcing the results of the Zealandian General Election. Since then, the KOZBC has been struggling to maintain sufficient content to broadcast and was taken off the air in August 2010. the then HM Queen Astrid planned the Revival of the KOZBC, which was due to go back on air in mid-to-late September 2010.


The SCTvR's Duties are as follows:

  • To Provide Quality: Entertainment, News, Documentaries, Drama, Comedy and Music.
  • To where practical broadcast in an environmentally friendly way.
  • To promote Zealandia when feasible through the arts.
  • To broadcast military programs when requested by the Zealandian Government.
  • To In the event of an emergency declared by the president broadcast emergency information and civil defence information.
  • To promote Zealandian and other micronational film and television content.


The RTZ is separated into two sections Radio and Television.

  • Television: Zealandian Central Television
  • Radio: Zealandian State Radio