Yokonese yen

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Yokonese yen
Yoko YKY ¥2000.jpg.jpg
¥2000 Banknotes
Official usersYoko flag.png Empire of Yoko
Pegged toYen
Symbol¥, 円
PluralThe language(s) of this currency does not have a morphological plural distinction.
PrinterImperial printing (2015)

The Yokonese yen (円, symbol: ¥; code: YKY) was the official currency of Yoko since 2014. Originally issued by the 1st Empire of Yoko. The currency code YKY and common abbreviation ¥ and 円. It was initially fell to disuse on 27 June 2015 when the 1st Empire of Yoko was disestablished. The Imperial State of Shinmyo was also believed to uses this banknote. When the 2nd Empire of Yoko was established, plans to reproduce the banknotes were proposed but never happened due to the dissolution of Yoko.

Yokonese yen banknote
Image Value Series Obverse Reverse Availability
Obverse Reverse
Yoko YKY ¥2000.jpg.jpg White.png ¥2000 2014 Two Japanese women with mountain in background and Imperial mon of Yoko Unknown Unknown