Westsylvania national IAA team

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Westsylvania IAA Team
Full nameWestsylvania Intermicronational Automotive Association
BaseMeadville, Westsylvania
Team principal(s)Mac Coat
Car Infomation
Race driverWestsylvaniaFlag.png Mac Coat
Test driverWestsylvaniaFlag.png Mac Coat

The Westsylvania IAA Team was the national team of Westsylvania in the IAA.


2011 IAA Season

Westsylvania was one of the charter members of IAA in 2011. The #5 Westsylvania car driven by Mac Coat was fast but inconsistent. Coat achieved 3 podiums for the team including the maiden race in Yabloko but never was able to race to victory. The Senyan and Dian grand prix were also highlights for Westsylvania, but Coat struggled along the stretch, failing to achieve a top four finish in the final 3 grand prix. The team was awarded 5th place in the 2011 standings.

Later History

The second half of the 2011-12 season of IAA grand prix was cancelled. Westsylvania withdrew from the championship and did not participate in Formula M in 2013.

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