Empire of Vilasia

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Empire Of Vilasia
Coat of arms
Motto: God,Motherland and Emperor
Anthem: God Save The Emperor
CapitalVierdiña City
LargestNew Manchester City
Official languagesEnglish,Cebuano and Tagalog
Ethnic groups
98% Bisaya
2% Others
Christianity:92%(Roman Catholic:90%,Protestant:8%) Islam:6% Others:2%
Organizational structureUnitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
• Emperor
Vince Santillan Jugado
Vince Santillan Jugado
LegislatureVilasian Parliament
House of the Parliament
from Afghisland
• Independence Day
August 2, 2015
March 11, 2023
Area claimed
0.001119 km2 (0.000432 sq mi)
• Estimate
• Density
52/km2 (134.7/sq mi)
Claimed GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
₱10 million($171,790)
• Per capita
Claimed GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
• Per capita
HDI (2022)0.781
high · 49th
Purported currencyPhilippine Peso (₱)
Time zone+8:00
Date formatmm/dd/yy
Driving sideright
Calling code+63
Internet TLD.ph

Vilasia (Vi-La-Siya) officially known as the Empire of Vilasia,Imperyo sa Vilasia(Cebuano),Imperyo ng Vilasia(Tagalog), is a small landlocked Micronation in Davao City Philippines, it borders the Philippines in the North,West,East and it's Dependency Volvogrania in the South. The Micronation is govern by a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy with the Emperor as the Head Of State and the Prime Minister as the Head of the Vilasian Government, the current Emperor and Prime Minister of the Micronation is Vince Santillan Jugado

Vilasia is at rank 42 in High with a score of 3.6 in Categoric-Gradial System of Classification, rank 49 in Human Development Index, Vilasia alongside with Blazetopia is an Observer State of Accande Terrie Ornindo.


Socialist Republic Of Vilasia/North Vilasia

In September 17, 2014 a man named Jon Gaylan Established the Socialist Republic of Vilasia.A Socialist Micronation in Davao City,Philippines

1ST Vilasian Republic
After The Birth Of SRV/NORTH VILASIA.The People In The Southern Vilasia Decided To Make Their Territory To A Micronation Called Republic Of Vilasia With It's First Leader Victor Jugado

Insular Afghisland Government In Vilasia 2014-2015
Due To Afghisland Colonization In Vilasia The Royal Government Of Afghisland Decided To Make It Insular Government In Vilasia From It's Establishment In January 1, 2015 to It's Abolishment In August 2, 2015.

Vilasian Revolution
7 months of Occupation Vilasians Couldn't Handle It A Man Named Victor Jugado with his Son Vince Jugado Gathered People To Start A Largest Micronational Revolution In Mindanao The Vilasian Revolution.

'Establishment Of Kingdom Of Vilasia 2015-2016
After The Revolution Vince Santillan Jugado Decided To Make Vilasia to Kingdom Of Vilasia And He Himself Decided To Make Him The King And Also The People Seems Kinda Like It.

First Vilasian Civil War 2015-2015 After Vince Santillan Jugado Became The King Of Vilasia,Vilasians Seems Didn't Like It Because It's Monarchy So They Decided To Start A Civil War Between Republicans And Nationalists

Establishment Of 2nd Vilasian Republic 2016-2017
After 1 Month Of The First Civil War Vince Santillan Jugado Decided To Make Vilasia Republic Again And The People Voted Him As The President.

Vilasian-Glatian War
Another Micronation Arrive And Start A War On Vilasia By Occupying The Whole Eastern Province Because of The Rich Natural Resources And Poultry.

Establishment Of Federal State Of Vilasia 2017-2017
Due To The War Vince Santillan Jugado Decides To Make Vilasia Federal Temporary Make Victor Jugado As President And Vince Jugado As Prime Minister And Move The Capital To North Vilasia City.

Establishment Of 3rd Vilasian Republic 2017-2021
After 2 Months The War Is Over Vince Santillan Jugado Decides To Bring Back Republic On Vilasia.

Second Vilasian Civil War
A Bunch Of Rebels Mix Up With Communist ,Jihad ,And Imperialists Didn't Like The Rule Of Vince Santillan Jugado And So It Was In The 4th Of May Those Rebels Start A Civil War Against Each other The Republic Government Is In The Formation Of Collapsing.

Establishment Of 1st Vilasian Empire 2021-2021 Vince Santillan Jugado Decides To Make Vilasia Monarchy Again And So It Was In the 11th Of May Vince Santillan Jugado Announced The Establishment Of Empire Of Vilasia The Emperor Ends The Civil War By Prisoning Them For Almost A Day.

Establishment of Zweites Vilasianisches Reich(2nd Vilasian Empire) 2021-2022
The Emperor Announced The Change Of Flag,Coat Of Arms,And Type Of Government To the Germanic Government System.

Establishment Of 3rd Imperial Vilasian Empire 2022- 2023
Due To Micro Cold War Zweites Vilasianisches Reich is oppressed the Emperor Announced The Change Of Fla ,And Type Of Government

Establishment of Empire of Vilasia 2023-

Vilasia will abandon its Imperial Rule and now be replaced by a Constitution. Vilasia is also a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

Politics and Government


Vilasia is a Unitary, Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy it is governed by the Emperor and Prime Minister. Emperor acts like the Head of State meanwhile the Prime Minister acts as the head of the Government. Vilasia also use the Parliamentary System, currently, there are 3 parties namely (HIH Government) Vilasian Conservative Party, (Most Loyal Opposition) Vilasian Democratic Party, (Other Opposition) Vilasian Green Party. In Vilasian Parliament there's also a Crossbench

Vilasian Parliament

Vilasian Parliament, House Of Parliament, New Manchester City, Vilasia

Vilasia Is One Of The Few Philippine Micronations That Have Military And Also The First Micronation In Mindanao To Have An Airforce. VGSDF acts as the Law Enforcement in Vilasia they ensure that laws in Vilasia are followed, they are also responsible for border patrol as well as stamping passports.

Vilasian Self-Defense Forces
Vilasian Ground Self-Defense Force
Vilasian Aerial Self-Defense Force


The economy of Vilasia is one of the most important aspects of the micronation.Vilasia Have An Annual GDP Growth Rate Of 4.3%,Vilasia Is Expected To Have a GDP Nominal Of $92,300 By The Year 2024.


Vilasia Exports Than Any Micronations In The Philippines It Exports Manufactured Goods, Agricultural Supplies, Medical Supplies, Printed Products. The Micronation Itself Does Open Foreign Direct Investment or FDI.

Vilasia Imports Manufactured Goods, Agricultural Supplies, Medical Supplies, Printing Supplies, Rice, Appliances.

There are Three Types Of Taxation In Vilasia, The Corporate/Business Tax, VAT,and Excise Tax.

Foreign Relations

Vilasia Have A Total Of Three Dependencies

Volvogrania,Volvogrania Is Located In the Southern Part Of Vilasia It Became A Vilasian Dependency Because Of The Vilasian War

Coulman Island, Coulman Island Is a Vilasian Dependency Located In South Eastern Part Of Antarctica And Over 9460 km Away From Mainland Vilasia.

Beaufort and Franklin is also a Vilasian dependency located in Eastern part of Antarctica, few miles away from Coulman Island.

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