Vice Chancellor of Ballinfoyleburg

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Vice-Chancellor of the Republic of Ballinfoyleburg
Leas-Seansailéir an Poblacht na Ballinfoyleburg (Irish)
Flag of the Vice Chancellor of Balinfoyleburg
Council of Ministers
StyleMadam Vice Chancellor (informal)
The Honourable (formal)
Her Excellency (diplomatic)
StatusDeputy Head of Government
Member ofCouncil of Ministers
National Assembly
NominatorNational Assembly and Chancellor of Ballinfoyleburg
Term lengthAt pleasure of the National Assembly
Inaugural holderMay Collins

The Vice-Chancellor of the Republic of Ballinfoyleburg (German: Vizekanzlerin der Republik Ballinfoyleburg) was the deputy head of government of the Republic of Ballinfoyleburg and the deputy chairwoman of the Council of Ministers.

The Vice-Chancellor was appointed by the President of Ballinfoyleburg on the advice of the Chancellor of Ballinfoyleburg. The position was created on 27 March 2022 following the promise of Thomas Jacobs when he became President of Ballinfoyleburg that he would make a semi-presidential system, with a Chancellor and more powerful National Assembly. There could be a maximum of two vice-chancellors at once, allowing for one vice chancellor to act on behalf of the Chancellor if the Chancellor and the other vice-chancellor are incapacitated. The first and only vice-chancellor was May Collins from 17 April 2022 to 30 May 2022.

List of vice-chancellors

No. Picture Name Political Party Term begin Term end
1 May Collins
(2010? - present)
Fatherland Front 17 April 2022 30 May 2022