Viadalvian Empire

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Viadalvian Empire
Viadalvische Rijk

Flag of Imperial Viadalvia.png

"Vis temperata fortior"
A balanced force is stronger

CapitalVinkerdam (seat of government)

Official languagesDutch

Official religionNone


GovernmentAuthoritarian Monarchy
 • KingTimo I


Established21 June 2013
10 Febuary 2019



Viadalvia officialy known as the Viadalvian Empire is a self proclaimed nation located in The Netherlands. It is bordered by the Dutch province of South Holland entirely

Originally founded as the Federal Republic of Viadalvia in Oegstgeest in 2013 by Shady Morsi and his frend Timo Vink as a separatist breakaway state It became a military junta. Viadalvia was formerly a constituent nation of Derskov-Viadalvia. After the collapse of Lytse Griene and Derskovia, Viadalvia seceded from Derskov-Viadalvia and adopted a new constitution, establishing itself as a democracy under the name Republic of Viadalvia, often referred to as the "Second Viadalvian Republic" (Jestres Repbliek Viadalci). Viadalvia dissolved it self on 31 December 2017. Only to be reviewed as an empire on Febuary 10th


The name 'Viadalvia' comes from the club The Via a clique lived in current Viadalvia ,The suffix 'Dalvia' means in Viadalvian place of or "country" Viadalvia means literally Land of the Via or Land of the Via Gang.


The name Palenstein comes from the Middle Ages. Knight Willem van Egmond, Manor of Zegwaart, had built in 1360 a castle in the village street. He called it "House for Palenstein". In 1791 arrived at the site of the castle is a beautiful country with a large park. The Palenstein district was built in the sixties of the last century. Much affordable housing had to be built quickly then. With plenty of room for the kids. And green The best solution then was to place particular gallery flats in the district. There were 3,000 social housing units and 600 single-family homes.

First Viadalvian Republic

A physical flag of Viadalvia (note the colours are upside down)
The Original States of Viadalvia

On the 21st of July, Salaria was destroyed by Rebels. Due to the fact that Salaria failed, the new government created the Republic of Viadalvia.The president was Shady Morsi.On 27 july. The military tookover Viadalvia and declared the Government of National Salvation commonly known as the 'Summer vacation regime',However On 3 September Shady retook over the state was changed the name from the Republic of Viadalvia to the Federal Republic of Viadalvia. For the first two months of the state, Viadalvia changed the capital from Alenkandar to Voltak. Additionally, the Viadalvian Council founded the Military, the Treasury, and designed many of Viadalvian symbols. On 4 September Viadalvia had war with Klausburg but Klausburg surrenders to Viadalvia.

Viadalvian Civil War

The Viadalvian Civil War was fought from 21 September to 22 December 2013 between the Federalists, who were loyal to the Federal Republic of Viadalvia, The Nationalists, a fascist rebel group led by General Dave Visser, and the Socialists with lead by Tim van Leeuwen.

The war began after a new constitution by the government to form Viadalvia intro a Federation. The Nationalists and the Socialists declared independence.

The Federalists was supported by parts of Pathalla South Alenkandar and Hasanistan. However, rebelling units in important cities—such as Voltak, Lajos Timograd, and Hengelveld, The Socialists surrendered on 22 December. However the Viadalvian government fights against Nationalist Holdouts until 4 January.

Golden Age and Downfall

After the Viadalvian Civil war, Viadalvia declared neutrality and The Viadalvian golden age was begun. Viadalvia become less militarist and Viadalvia build their civil affairs. Viadalvia was also more serious, and the government abolished conscription. The first elections were held, and Shady Morsi won with 88% of the votes.

A new conflict, the Viadalvian-Pan Iryllian conflict, arose between Tarlov, Viadalvia, and a separatist movement called Pan-Iryillia. Due the fact Viadalvia and Tarlov are allies, Viadalvia declared war on Pan-Iryillia. When Viadalvia withdrew from the war, Pan-Iryllia won.

After 2 months another conflict escalated to war, known as the Oegstgeest War. Viadalvia won and made Arnham into a puppet state. In 2014, Timo Vink became president of Viadalvia and made a Militarist Junta. Many people left and formed a counter-government called the Republican Government of Viadalvia.

Millitarist Viadalvia

On 4 January, after a night of conspiracy, Timo Vink declared himself as führer of Viadalvia with diers, ships and weapons. The former Timo banned Prime Minister Shady Morsi from Viadalvia, and fled to The Netherlands, to reestablish Derskovia. The military dictatorship lasted for 2 months,. Despite initial pledges to the contrary, military governments soon enacted a new, restrictive Constitution, and stifled freedom of speech and political opposition with support from local people. The regime adopted ultra-nationalism, economic development, and opposition to Communism and Socialism as guidelines. The dictatorship reached the height of its popularity in February, with the so-called Viadalvia Miracle (helped by much propaganda), even as the regime censored all media, tortured and banished dissidents. The Militarist Junta couldn’t fix the economy, and Viadalvia asked support of Derskovia.

Unionist Viadalvia

On March the 3rd, Shady Morsi wanted to come back to Viadalvia and Viadalvia have a crises to support each other and forming Derskov-Viadalvia Derskov-Viadalvia become a new Subject of Snežanopol Kosta become the capital of Snežanopol then Snežanopol re-named to Snežanistan on 3 April Lytse Griene joins the union Snežanopol ceased to exist On the highest Viadalvia took over the disputed areas On 24 september Derskov-Viadalvia ceased.

Establishment of the Second Viadalvian Republic

The Republic of Viadalvia was re-declared on as an independent Viadalvian state on 29 September 2014 During the first two weeks of existence, the Republic had 31 people but with inventions Viadalvia have now 189 people.

Dissoluition and refoundation