Actions on Voltak

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Actions On Voltak
Part of Rise of the Viadalvian Republic
DateJuly 30th-August 24th 2014
Result Viadalvian Revolutionaries took over the Bulding
Dissolution of Palenstijnse Republic

Flag of Viadalvia.png Viadalvian Nationalists
Support From
Derskov-Viadalvia flag.png Derskov-Viadalvia
Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic.png Viadalvian Government

  • Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic.png 1st Voltak Division
Logo Palenstein klein.jpg Palensteinse Wijk Palensteiner Republic.png Palensteiner Republic
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Viadalvia.png Colin Vink
Derskov-Viadalvia flag.png Shady Morsi
Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic.png Justin Knive
Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic.png Harry Dornman
Palensteiner Republic.png Jan Egbeek
Palensteiner Republic.png Steven van Doornsweg
11 5 12

The dispute has been around since 2014 when most of Voltak was taken over by Pro-Viadalvian, Anti-Palensteinse factions. Opon the Palensteinse arrival, the rebels responded by attacking the Palensteins people, a skirmish lasted for about 2 hours when the factions started fighting for independence. Voltak was under Viadalvian control

The area was left in Viadalvian control. However, some Dutch nationalists set up a state known as the Palensteiner Republic which claimed parts of Viadalvia,responded by becoming hostile towards the PR. Shortly after, The Palensteiner Republican citizens attacked Viadalvia the government to annex Voltakcompletely as fully incorporated Viadalvian land, the Sierran and the Palensteiner Republic responds with great discontent. The Battle of the Plans with was between the small Viadalvian army and the larger but unorganised Dutch-nationalist army Viadalvia won and Jan Egbeek surrenders making the end of the Palensteiner Republic