United International Federation

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The United International Federation (UIF) is an intermicronation organisation similar to that of the United Nations. It promises to protect it's member states' rights as a micronation. In order to join a nation must accept the UIF charter.


Welcome to the UIF Charter we are a micronational origination who will fight with you in any micronational war as long as it is not one person said this or he said this and it is both members of the UIF. UIF needs you to read this and then we will give you an invite either the chairmen or vice-chairmen will tell you from there and then we need you to accept this charter.

Members Rights

  • Full members make propose bills and vote on things in the UIF.
  • Observer members May vote on things in the UIF but not propose bills in the UIF.

Member Benefits

  • Aid In war
  • Foreign Aid
  • Recognized by the UIF

UIF Ambassadors

Micronations Recognized By the UIF