Western Xylophonian Republic

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The Western Xylophonian Republic or Western Xylophonia is a micronation which has been in place since 28 June 2018 and has recognized Victor Scimitar as it's Premier Executive General since then.


The nation is quite small and is roughly 8365 km^2. The nation was started because Victor Scimitar felt that the US was not serving the greatest to it's people and became a leader of a micronation. It is a member of the Parliamentary Collective of States [PCS] with it's Vice President of the PCS being the Premier Executive General of Western Xylophonia.

Image Item Disription Additional Info
Western Xylophonian Flag.png Flag of Western Xylophonia This is the flag of Western Xylophonia, designed by Victor Scimitar himself and it contains 4 black triangles with 2 on each side and a black star in the center.
Western Xylophonian Map.png Map of Western Xylophonia This is the map of Western Xylophonia which covers 8 US counties 6 in PA and 2 in NJ. With all of it being under rule of the Premier Executive General.

The Premier Executive General

Victor Scimitar is a rising political star among micronations. He is more commonly known on discord as "@victor scimitar" and has held several political offices across multiple servers. He Became the Prime Minister of the Void winning in 9-2 victory against the former PM Kyle and was the only PM to be re-elected in that office. Since then The Void has been annexed by Moarte, another micronation. Scimitar was elected President of Moarte shortly following the annexation. Before all that he became a member of the New Australian parliament and was also put onto the state court, however things took a turn for the worse when the state court decided that the supreme kangaroo lord of the server was guilty and he and 3 other political opponents were banned. Scimitar also was made a member of the Kekistani parliament and a journalist for them. Scimitar also had become Prime Minister of New Australia on several occasions. He become the Vice President and later President of the PCS as stated above. The PCS has since dissolved. After that Victor Scimitar, he became a member of the Elysium Senate on two separate occasions, representing DAE both times. Victor Scimitar has also been elected to Premier Major of the Grand Republic of Leo.


The money of Western Xylophonia is measured in Xylos and this "ꁒ" is its symbol.