United Mideria Empire

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United Midera Empire

"Est regnum Dei"(Latin: "The Kingdom of God")
Mission Apollo
United States
Capital cityMidera City
Official religion(s)Mixed
Short nameUME
EstablishedMay 2019
Area claimedPope County, Arkansas
Population7 People

The United Mideria Empire is a now-defunct micronation located in Pope County, Arkansas. Established in May of 2019, the Empire was promptly annexed and released a short while later, thus the independence date of 9 June 2019. Mideria's first and only Emperor brought the Empire into a Golden Age of peace and prosperity. The exact date of dissolution is unknown, but possibly occurred sometime that same year. The Official Website page is currently unable to found.


Annexation & Independence

Mideria was founded in May of 2019 and was annexed a short while later by the Kingdom Of Ticronvidia. Mideria was eventually freed and given back to the original owner, thus Mideria was reborn into an independent empire on 9 June 2019.

Golden Age & Reign of Emperor Caesar Goldmore

The Golden Age Of Mideria began when Emperor Caesar Goldmore ascended the throne. It is said that he ruled the empire with an iron fist, yet it was also an age where peace could be found in Mideria.

Foreign Relations

Allied Micronations

  • Caribbean Empire
  • The Republic of Oklahoma

Recognized Micronations

  • Caribbean Empire
  • The Republic of Oklahoma

Non-Allied or Recognized Micronations

  • Etukan
  • Adikhari Island



  • Independence Day| 9 June 2019

Official Website

United Midera Empire Website