United Dominions of Indochina

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United Dominions of Indochina
Coat of arms of Marquetten Indochina
Coat of arms
Motto: "Unity and Prosperity"
and largest city
hòn bông lan
Official languagesnone
Recognised regional languagesenglish
Governmentdominion of marquette
• Grand Duchess
Nada I of Reynolds-Romanova
• Governour-General
Position Vacant
• Prime minister
Position Vacant
LegislatureColonial Parliament
from Vietnam
• Independence
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.GDM

The United Dominions of Indochina, more commonly known as Marquetten Indochina, is a Marquetten colony in Indochina. It is one of the oldest colonies but it has been changed frequently to keep up with the seriousness of Marquette as a whole; it was originally a hypothetical colony claiming all of french Indochina.


Marquetten Indochina began as a hypothetical colony claiming all of french Indochina. during mid 2020 it was reorganised into a regional government along with the other hypothetical colonies. in late 2022 it was once again reorganised into a Arqvilliitian style colonial government.

Dissolution proposals

There is a continuing debate in the Marquetten government about the dissolution of the United dominions. This would mark the end of the last first generation colony of Marquette.

Pro Dissolution

The pro dissolution side argues that the colony is an archaic holdover from a worse time in Marquetten history with little to no popular support.

Anti Dissolution

The anti dissolution side argues that the colony is a root to the origins of Marquette and that dissolving it would sever an important cultural chain and lower potential future prospects in the region

Popular Opinion

The popular opinion seems to be mostly apathetic either way.

Politics and government

The Government of Marquetten Indochina is Decentralised Marquetten colony.

Proof 25 Piastres note, unusually displaying east Arabic numerals.


The Governour-General is an appointed viceroy that represents Nada I, Grand Duchess of Marquette in Marquetten Indochina, having all the same powers as Nada I in Marquetten Indochina.

Prime minister

The Prime minister holds the second highest authority in Marquetten Indochina. Their main function is to oversee, and serve as a counter balance to the Colonial Parliament. The title of prime minister was formerly called the president, however the act for Colonial organization under Marquette stipulates that this roll must be called the prime minister.


The Parliament is the legislature of Marquetten Indochina serving a similar role to marquette's national parliament it is divided into the same three branches as the national equivalent.

House of Commons

the House of Commons has two representatives from every Constituent Dominion.

Law and order

The primary law enforcement in Marquetten Indochina is the Gendarmerie, who also serve as a militia.


Marquetten Indochina is permitted to raise a militia in the defense of the territory, with a standing Marquetten Regiment referred to as the Governour-Generals' own Light Infantry.

Administrative regions

Marquetten Indochina itself is divided into dominions, these are distinct from propper Marquetten dominions and are more comparable to parishies as they have little self autonomy.

Geography and climate

Average yearly temperature: 13.33 °C (56 °F or 286.48K)

Average yearly rainfall: 1.53416 Meters (59.9 inches)


Marquetten Indochina observes the 12 Marquetten holidays as well as;

Date Name Remarks
2, Sep Dominion day Celebrating the founding of indochina
10, Nov Unionisation day Celebrating the origin of the current form of Indochina

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