Grand Duchy of Marquette

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Grand Duchy of Marquette
Coat of arms of Grand Duchy of Marquette
Coat of arms
Motto: "Pro Populo, Marquette"
"For the people of Marquette"
Anthem: Mars na drinu
Crest of the House of Reynolds-Romanov
and largest city
Official languagesNone
Recognised regional languages
Governmentconstitutional grand duchy
• Grand Duchess
Nada I of Reynolds-Romanova
• Prime minister
Establishment5 February 2019
• Total
0.023 sq mi (0.060 km2)
• 2024 census
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Calling code+1
IMSO 1 codeMQT
Internet TLD.gdm
This nation is a member of the Duchessgrad Agreement

The Grand Duchy of Marquette (pronounced /mɑːrˈkɛt/ mar-KEHT), more commonly known as Marquette or The GDM, is a micronation in Michigan. The Grand Duchy of Marquette has its roots in the first Grand Duchesses interest in the long 19th century.

The Grand Duchy of Marquette is a semi constitutional monarchy under a tricameral parliament led by the grand duchess.


The Grand Duchy of Marquette is named in honour of father Jacques Marquette, a historical figure impotent to the local history of the Grand Duchy of Marquette.


Provisional Government (February–December 2019)

The Grand Duchy of Marquette officially declared independence from the United states of America on the fifth of February 2019, following this there was ten month period of turmoil and frequent revision this ended with the official adoption of the current constitution. Most of the original information from this era has been lost, leading some to refer to it as a dark age.

The Great isolation (December 2019-November 2021)

The Great isolation refers to a period of limited interaction between Marquette and foreign powers During this era most current governmental institutions were established. The Policy of isolationism was intended to prevent undue foreign influence on the Grand Duchy.

The First expansion (April 2020)

The first expansion was a period of colonial expansion in which Marquette established two colonies, that of the cape hope port and the north duchess islands.

The Migration (November 2020)

The migration was a historic event when the land claimed by Marquette were officially changed from the area surrounding Marcus park, to the area surrounding the land that would later become Duchessgrad.

Major periods of colonial expansion

Between may 2021 and March 2022 Marquette wold experience three periods of colonial growth, most of the colonies from the second are no longer held as claims, however the subsequent third and fourth expansions would leave a longer lasting impact.

The End of The Great isolation (January 2022)

On the 14th of January, the Grand Duchess made the official decision to somewhat open Marquetten diplomatic policy. This officially ended almost three years of Enforced isolation.

Politics and government

The Grand Duchy of Marquette is a semi constitutional monarchy under a tricameral parliament led by the Grand Duchess. The houses of parliament are the house of commons who are publicly elected , house of lords who are appointed by families given the right to by the Grand duchess, and house of officers, who are appointed by anyone over the equivalent rank of Of-8, from anyone over the rank of Of-(D).

Law and order

The court of justice is divided into three parts, the first is the justice's advisors who are voted in by one of the three houses of parliament next is the chief justice;the chief justices are a cabinet of five justices appointed by the grand ducal justice who is appointed by the grand duchess.;the other justices are elected by either

  1. The public with a simple majority vote
  2. Elected by one of the houses in a simple majority vote
  3. Appointed by the grand duke or duchess.

Last is the consulate of the people, they are elected in a public majority vote, their role is to decide whether the defendant committed the crime as charged in a criminal case, or whether the defendant injured the plaintiff in a civil case.

Foreign relations

Marquette had a long history of isolationist foreign policy, as such there are currently few diplomatic relations between Marquette and other nations.

Notable relations
Type of relation Country Active Mutual
Non-aggression agreement -Molossia yes yes
Mutual Recognition -Sakura yes yes


There are nine distinct branches, which are, the Grand Ducal armed forces, the Grand Ducal navy, the Grand Ducal marines, the Duchesses own flying corps, the Duchesses own flying infantry, The Duchies corps of engineers, The Grand Ducal armoured corps, The Grand Ducal guards, and finally the House militia.

Geography and climate

Flag of House Reynolds-Romanov, the current Grand Ducal House of Marquette

Average yearly temperature: 8.8°C (47.84°F or 7°Ré)

Average yearly rainfall: 86 CM (33.5 inches)


The economy of Marquette is mostly agrarian, but also has a small woodworking and tailoring industries.

Culture and media


Marquette has 12 currently observed public holidays these are:

Date Name Remarks
15 January Wikipedia day celebrating the unpaid writers and editors of Wikipedia.
5 February Independence Day celebrating the penning of the declaration of independence
9 March Armed Forces Day A memorial for all who serve, or have served Marquette.
17 March Saint Gertrudes day
1 may may day the first (calendar) day of summer.
25 may Towel day celebrating writer Douglas Addams.
18 June Autistic Pride Day celebrating the rights and pride of autistic people.
15 August Victory Day celebrating victory over the axis in WWII.
7 October Marquetten national day the birthday of the first Grand Duchess.
12 October Indigenous people's day a holiday dedicated to the indigenous population of Marquette.
11 November Armistice day celebrating the end of the great war.
12 December Constitution day celebrating the beginning of the penning of the constitution.
27 December Lambert day celebrating one of the oldest micronations, the Islands of Refreshment.

Marquetten Standard System

Marquetten Standard System is a system of measure derived from Imperial units, it is notable for it's units being slightly longer than their USC counterpart.

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